Anne Hathaway Gets A Little Emotional During Her Speech, Luckily Her Husband Gives Her Support

Anne At The Oscars
Hathaway Shows Off Her Body In A Blush Pink Gown
See that photo above? That’s Anne Hathaway trying to hold back tears last night at the 2013 Victory Fund Champagne Brunch in Beverly Hills.

Anne has been keeping a relatively low-profile for the past few months, so it’s nice to see her out and about wearing fancy dresses. I know you can’t see now, but trust me, as soon as you get a look at Anne’s black, ankle-length Vionnet dress in the gallery, you will love it.

Now, back to Anne’s slight break-down. 

While giving a speech at yesterday’s event, Anne started to get a little emotional during her introduction of Dr. Beth Karlan. She told the crowd, “On a personal note, Dr. Karlan helped a beloved friend of mine…excuse me.” This is when the tears started. “She helped a beloved friend of mine battle cancer recently and I couldn’t be more grateful to her. Dr. Karlan, you are more than just my friend’s doctor. You’re a friend and ally. And I’m happy to say that together you kicked that cancer’s ass.”

Lucky for Anne that she had her super adorable husband Adam Shulman next to her the whole time. I wouldn’t be crying too hard if he was next to me. Too much? Launch the gallery to check out all the pics from yesterday. Love her dress as much as I do? Sound off in the comments!