Anne Hathaway Should Consider Hiring A Daytime Stylist [PHOTOS]

January 29th, 2013 // 4 Comments

So far this awards season, Anne Hathaway has a Golden Globe and SAG statue under her belt.  Before the Oscars on February 24th, Hathaway seems to want to keep that pale, dewy skin as pristine as possible.

Yesterday (January 28th), the Best Supporting Actress nominee and husband Adam Shulman shopped together in Los Angeles.  Shulman looked like a douchey hipster and Hathaway looked just as silly in a long-sleeve romper, floppy hat and black wellies.


On Sunday night (January 27th), Hathaway and the hubby attended a SAG after party at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills.  According to People Magazine, Hathaway was overheard telling party goers, “I’m in a celebratory mood.”

Duh!  You just won a SAG.

A source told the magazine that the smug married was “playing matchmaker all night” and told friends that she “met a lot of bad ones” before finding her man.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Jane

    No, she doesn’t need to hire a daytime stylist. Just like regular people, celebrities don’t need to be seen in lavish outfits when they’re on break. Anne isn’t going to be wearing Valentino just to go to lunch with her husband.

  2. Laura

    She looks lovely, and she’s a great actress. I don’t understand why some tabloids feel the need to rag on her.

  3. pat

    I THINK EVERYBODY NEEDS TO LEAVE THESE WONDERFULL woman alone , really now why do woman always have to dress up just to spend private AND days off , with there family. i say hats OFF AND MORE POWER TO ANNE, very sweet to see real people looking real,,,

  4. Purple

    She looks just as beautiful without makeup.

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