Anne Hathaway Clocked a Stuntman On The Set Of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Oof, I can’t help but shield my eyes as I write about this one.

Anne Hathaway got a little carried on the set of the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.  Sister must be fired up about landing the role of Catwoman, because she really gave it good to a stuntman.  Hathaway jammed the butt of a gun right into the stuntman’s eye, giving him QUITE the shiner.  “Anne got a bit carried away during a fight scene and mistakenly shoved the butt of the gun right into the actor’s eye socket,” a source told Fox News.  He came away with a massive black eye – Anne was mortified.”

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To make it up to the victim, Hathaway gifted him with a silver pen, engraved with the message: “Remember no one packs a punch like Anne.”  There are certainly no hard feelings, as it was all in good humor.  Still, the stuntman took a huge hit to the eye.

Hathaway, who joined designer Valentino’s business partner Giancarlo Giammetti at a Hotel in London last Thursday, is getting along great with Dark Knight co-stars Christian Bale and Tom Hardy.