Anne Hathaway And Hubby Take A Stroll In Brooklyn, Update On ‘My Fair Lady’

Anne Hathaway
Accessorizes her broken arm in style.
Anne Hathaway's Wedding
Anne Hathaway marries Adam Shulman!
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Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is all the buzz with her possible role of Eliza Doolittle in the remake of My Fair Lady. 

Although Carey Mulligan had been in the run for the role, Hathaway has snagged that possibility as producer Cameron Mackintosh (same producer as Les Miserables)  insists on having Anne play the role of Doolittle. We can understand, she did win an Oscar for that role after all. No biggie.

Perez Hilton was giddy to report that Hathaway may possibly take on the role on Broadway.

“I haven’t heard for a while what’s happening with My Fair Lady and I don’t know whether I would do it on stage, or screen, but either would be a treat.” (via Perez Hilton)

But some are worried she may not get the lingo down.

The Sun reported that Hathaway was criticized for “the most honkingly rubbish Yorkshire accent” in her role on One Day.

Hathaway who was spotted walking (or possibly singing) in the rain with her hubby Adam Shulman in her home place, Brooklyn, yesterday (March 12) was probably practicing her Cockney accent. We hope! Please don’t ruin My Fair Lady!