Anna’s Nurse Speaks Out


The nurse who was with Anna Nicole Smith when she died spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her reaction to finding Anna and realizing something was wrong. She is the wife of Anna’s bodyguard and the first person to suspect something was amiss.

“There was another person there with us, but she was in the living room of the suite. My husband called me and I was speaking with him on the phone and so she heard me talking and thought I was speaking to Anna … she came into the room and I said, ‘Please don’t wake up Anna, she’s sleeping.'”

More from Taz’s discovery of Anna after the jump…

“By the time she got up to the bed, she looked at her and said, ‘I don’t like what I see.’ I got up and walked over, pulled the covers back and I didn’t like what I saw … her mouth was open … I saw patches of purple on her top body and areas of her face.”

From there, Taz sprung into action, attempting CPR and alerted her paramedic husband to come to her assistance. Taz also added that neither she nor Howard K. Stern removed any incriminating substances from Anna’s room and that there “was nothing in that room to hide.”

My favorite part of the interview is when the interviewer apparently asked Taz, “You did everything you could to save Anna Nicole?” Taz played it cool, but I would have been like, “I’m a registered nurse, I’m on her payroll and I’m her friend. Nah, I left her there to die. What do you F-ing think, fool? Now, ask me some real questions before I lose my patience and storm up out of this piece.” But then again, I’m just volatile like that.