AnnaLynne and Angel McCord Swap Swimsuits

June 21st, 2010 // 1 Comment

Wardrobe malfunction! AnnaLynne McCord and sister Angel McCord swapped bikinis mid-swim when Angel had some bikini issues…or maybe she just liked her sister’s cute striped swimsuit much better! 

The girls were spotted hitting up Miami Beach yesterday for some post-90201 fun. Hey, it just ended up just serving as a second photo op though for both girls with their beach bodies…not fair!

By Lola Robertson

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    these sister are a lil gross…sorry but i have two sis n we are the closest sis’ u can think off, am the youngest at 25 and still hold my sister’s hands when we go shopping etc but we never go as far as swapping bikinis at the beach in public…something’s really wrong with them and i know there’s obv no incest going on there but it sure is as dodgy as hell the way they kp kissing each other in public n doing stuff like this!!!!!! seems a lil wrong to me!!!!

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