AnnaLynne McCord Shows Everyone She’s Skyping With A Shirtless Dominic Purcell [PHOTOS]

Eager to remain in the spotlight, AnnaLynne McCord showed cameras what she was doing on her Ipad in between shooting scenes for The CW’s 90210 yesterday (November 22nd) in West Hollywood.

Oh look, she’s skyping with a shirtless Dominic Purcell, her boyfriend of almost six months.  Purcell is currently filming Vikingdom 3D in Malaysia while McCord’s series is somehow still on the air.

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The star recently told Us Weekly of the distance between her and Purcell, “I keep getting pictures of him in all his Viking outfits, and I’m like, ‘Are you just trying to tease me?’ He just left a week ago and it feels like a month or a year.”

McCord wore riding boots, leggings and a shirt with no bra (really, how hard is it to put undergarments on?) while outside her trailer, happy to show everyone who was on her Ipad.