AnnaLynne McCord Gets Avatar’d

Actress AnnaLynne McCord really got into the part as she tried on the all-blue outfit for scenes in her series 90210 in California yesterday. The 23-year-old’s character pretends to be a fan of the movie to impress a geek that she meets on the internet.

“I’m getting fitted for contact lenses, will be head-to-toe blue, and they’re trying to work out prosthetics to give me big feet,” AnnaLynne told TVGuide magazine. “It’s hysterical because Naomi shows up [at the screening] and none of the other nerds are in costume. I might get a whole new following after this!”

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And apparently she’d date a nerd in real life, which is great for many a guy. “Nerds are awesome,” she said. “I would totally go out with anyone in an Apple store.”