Anna Wintour on Film

Ice queen for the ages Anna Wintour is going to be captured on film in her natural habitat, throwing incorrectly prepared cups of espresso at beleagured assistants and making models cry, according to Page Six .

VOGUE staffers are a bit surprised to hear their boss, Anna Wintour, has agreed to strike a pose on camera. The notoriously frosty editor-in-chief gave the green light for a “feature-length documentary” on the making of Vogue’s huge September issue, known as “the Bible of fashion.” Eyebrows are raised because the last time she let a camera crew inside the office, Wintour gave them almost no face time, deferring to underling Plum Sykes to explain what Wintour was thinking.

So, she didn’t actually speak on camera the last time and relied on an assistant to TRANSLATE for her? Didn’t Prince do an interview like that? Someone thinks she’s Jesus. I’d watch this, but only if it came with a gift bag and some free eau de toilette.

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