Anna Wintour Gives Bad Pork

I spent quite an uneventful weekend at home, due to some spoiled Crown Roast of Pork, that I ate. It was a Meat of the Month Club gift from the ever so thoughtful, but appartently evil Anna Wintour. It did give me a chance to watch the 24 Second Season on DVD. It did make me realize that the series is at it’s best when bitchy women are onscreen.

I’m off to Canada (I’m assuming the SARS thing is over with) for the end of the
Toronto Film Festival for some culture and to support my good friend Nicole Kidman.

Entertainment Tid-Bits

It looks like my homegirl Kimberly Locke- the most talented of last seasons American Idol contestants finally got a record contract with Curb Records. Congrats to Kimberly.

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