Anna Wintour Does Not Do Lines

You only have to have seen The Devil Wears Prada to know you don’t keep Anna Wintour waiting.  Diesel’s disorganization at fashion week caused the Vogue editor to take one look at the chaotic line outside their show and move on.

“Her entourage got out of her car and then got right back in when they saw what a mess it was outside,” a source told the Daily News.”There wasn’t really anywhere for people to wait on line except for a small tent right in front of the doors, so people were just packed together on line, trying to get out of the cold,”

Diesel, if you had invited me I would have sat in the snow and rolled around in.  And if you had given me a front row seat I sure wouldn’t have been an embarrassment (I think.)

Apparently a “stylista” in the front row spilled the contents of her purse on the runway and talked on her cell during the show! Ten bucks it was her, though I would be more sure if I knew the contents of the bag.

Here’s Anna at the shows that with less chaos.