Anna Nicole’s Mother Meets Her Granddaughter

February 28th, 2007 // 7 Comments


Emotions are running high during this time of extended litigation caused by the untimely passing of Anna Nicole Smith, and not just inside the courtroom. It must have been an emotional encounter for Anna Nicole’s mother, Virgie, who was allowed to visit her granddaughter for the first time in the Bahamas last night. TMZ reports:

Sources tell TMZ that Arthur arrived at Horizons, the Nassau house where Howard K. Stern is looking after the child, around 8 PM last night, and left about 50 minutes later. We’re told she looked and acted “distraught” upon leaving, and was accompanied by a bodyguard and a driver, as well as a brunette woman described as a “relative.”

And I have a feeling that somehow, the judge will manage to convince himself that of all parties involved, this incident was most poignant for him.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Tonysgirl

    Guess she got her 15 minutes of fame!!!…

    Poor Nicloe let the girl go and rest in peace enough is enough already.

  2. Bev

    Why didn’t Virgie get a sample of dna when she visited her granddaughter? A pacifier that was used by the baby would work. I beleive as a mother myself that Virgie should win custody of Anna’s body, baby, and any money envolved. She was the one who endured childbirth; not the men. Anna could have many men but only one Mother! This entire court proceeding has been an insult for mothers everywhere.

  3. missy

    as the mother of sons i believe the baby should go to the natural father. Men do have as much rights as the mom. at least birkhead was fighting for this baby before anna died.

  4. the other missy

    i totally agree with the first missy.
    getting knocked up and pushing a baby out is not that admirable if you prove to be a shitty parent later. anna nicole hated the bitch. giving birth can be a beautiful thing and motherhood can be very special, but don’t assume all mothers are as great as yours must be and mine is.

  5. Dee Gwyn

    um…Missy dear… they don’t know who the father of the baby is! Thats the baby is bouncin back and forth like a tennis ball. All they want in the money ((is lil Dannielynn is gonna get it)) thats all they care about. No one’s really concerned about that baby. DL needs to go to her grandmother or a close relative so she can get outta tha spotlight….all this negativity is reidiculous.

  6. Sheryl

    Here are my thoughts on all of this:
    I think Virgie is one of those people it is her way or no way! She drove her daughter off. And where is Virgie getting all the money for lawyers, hotel expenses, Limo’s–her Splash magazine friend?????? Now Virgie is going to go after another baby girl, to do the same thing she done to Anna Nicole. Or is the motive those millions that Dani Lynn will probably inherit.
    Anna’s feelings in that taped E entertain video
    were genuine. I have felt and expressed the same rage at parents for who I never want to see or hear from again. So look a little beyond Virgie’s acting. To the real motives, maybe Virgie is jealous the Billionaire married her daughter–darn.

  7. CC

    Virgie is a control freak plan and simple! I have a funny feeling that’s what she did to Anna during life too. Anna said it herself… the woman was abusive and didn’t even protect her from rape. So we should give her another child to bat around……puleeeze! Virgie’s motives are all about Virgie. If she cared about her daughter, she would honor her daughter’s wishes and stop focusing on her wants. She needs a swift kick. It is also being reported that she wants to continue the fight after the burial. She plans on claiming to be Daniel’s next of kin and with Daniel’s father’s (who had nothing to do with his son) help claim his body. They next plan on exhuming his body and moving it to Texas. Next, they will fight to “honor Anna’s wishes” to be with her son and fight to move her to Texas to be with him. I don’t believe we have seen the last of this b………. She will also likely fight for the gravy train baby. Anna didn’t want anything to do with her for a reason.

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