Anna Nicole’s Mom’s Filing An Appeal

Lady, give it a f*cking rest. It’s been decided. She wanted to be buried next to her kid. Friggin’ deal. She didn’t want anything to do with your ass anyway. Whether through your shitty parenting skills or because she was a just an airheaded junkie ho who lusted for fame, you were estranged. I know it’s rough, but accept it. Let rotting corpses lie, ya psycho. I saw ya rolling your eyes on the stand, trying to act like your little sausage fingers aren’t jonesin’ to caress some cash. Don’t front.

Meanwhile, Arthur too was due back in court Friday to formally appeal Seidlin’s order, despite her apparent unity with Stern and Birkhead on the matter following Thursday’s ruling. Appearing on the Today show Friday, Arthur cited the last-minute, telephone testimony of Billy Smith, Daniel’s father and Smith’s first husband, as her reason for opposing the international burial. She said that Billy Smith wanted to have his ex and son buried together, but in Texas, and that she would join with him to seek to exhume the 20-year-old’s body and bring Smith back to their home state.

BULLSHIT. I’m done. I’d rather be buried in the Bahamas anyway than in some Texas boneyard with jackals and backwoods cannibal families. I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I know what goes on.