Anna Nicole’s ex Went on Larry King to Casually Discuss a Miscarriage She Had

So the guy claiming Anna Nicole’s latest tyke is his was on Larry King on Friday night, dropping bombs. He claims that he and Anna were previously trying to have a child and she miscarried the first one. Contact Music has the scoop.

The photojournalist fighting Anna Nicole Smith over the paternity of her baby girl Dannielynn has sensationally revealed the actress/model miscarried their first child. Larry Birkhead and his attorney Debra Opri appeared on CNN show “Larry King Live” on Friday night to update the ongoing paternity battle, which was delayed earlier in the week when Smith was granted the opportunity to fight demands for a DNA test on her baby. Birkhead refutes that claim and now reveals he and his ex-girlfriend had been planning to have a child for some time. He told King, “It was a long-term plan that we have had together, you know, to have a child. And we tried once before… It was unsuccessful. It resulted in a miscarriage. “

Jesus H. Christ, it doesn’t end with these people. What’s next? Is J. Howard Marshall actually alive? You know, the octogenarian who Anna flashed her tits at enough to get into his will and inherit his jillions? He’s going to ride up on a golf cart with steer horns on the front at the DNA hearing to reclaim Anna’s heart. Anna will then look at him bewildered from all the methadone and Xanax. Slowly, she will realize who he is and run for his outstretched skeletal arms. With her ballast, she will end up overturning the golf cart and killing him. And then? The cycle begins anew. One ring to rule them all, one ring to….shut the f*ck up, J.