Anna Nicole’s Diaries

February 28th, 2007 // 7 Comments


Cindy Adams is squawking today about her access to Anna Nicole’s diaries. Apparently, there were quite a few finds in there. Like the fact that, prior to their estrangement, Anna and Virgie liked to party together.

It shows her drug life as a kid. Her doing pills as a kid. She was sure close with Virgie Arthur in those days, and mama was not what you’d call one of the all-time best role models in captivity. We’re talking heavy-duty partying together. Drinking together. Her mother’s phone numbers are scribbled in pencil inside the back flap of one book.

Keep reading for more tidbits in those diaries, including mention of an even earlier paternity issue Anna had.

With her handwriting misspellings – “namonia” for “pneumonia,” “emigrant” for “immigrant,” “nos” for “knows” – the diaries tell her feelings about sex, and who was her best lover. They reveal Anna’s thoughts about her many vices – men, alcohol, sleeping pills, psychiatric medication. And in Operation Dèjà Vu, they address the subject of how many men could have been the father of her pregnancy scare while she was Mrs. Howard Marshall.

Some of these pages are going to be included in Anna’s sister’s book, “Train Wreck”, which supposedly goes to press today. Great title. That’s nice. Thanks, sis.

By J. Harvey

  1. mike

    She’s literate?!? This is the most shocking revelation yet!

  2. lilmerrysunshine

    And this is her sister that wants a part of raising her daughter?

  3. Crazy about the girl

    We should ALL write “namonia” from now on to show your respect for Anna Nicole’s life. Trimspa baby!

  4. Unknown

    Show our respect for Anna Nicole’s life?!? HUH?The woman did not even respect herself! Yes, it is sad that she died, and her son died, but she was a mess!

  5. megan

    As far as I know, it is actually her HALF-sister that is writing the book about her…and they have never even met. White trash

  6. unknown

    Where the heck was she going to get the normalcy from, it all starts from when you’re a child, the upbringing, the parents, that should be role models for their children. Her mother was the one to blame for all her iliteracy and lack of respect for herself. Regardless, there are many messed up people in the world, she just happened to be in the spotlight, finally she is laid to rest and I think it’s time people pick something else to talk about that is newsworthy, something more positive..If there is anything out there.

  7. Lou

    Anna nicole was your average white trash that made stardom.Her death was not a shock at all to me, and Brit will likely go down the same path if she doesn’t stop doing drugs and living vicariously.

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