Anna Nicole’s Back on American Soil

What could possibly have driven Anna Nicole to return from her self-imposed exil to the Bahamas? That’s right. Dollar, dollar bills, y’all. Star reports:

The former Playboy Playmate and current TrimSpa spokeswoman arrived at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals with her companion and legal beagle Howard K. Stern, to participate in mediation between a judge and the family of J. Howard Marshall II, her late oil tycoon husband, over her much-disputed share of his $1.6 billion estate.

But all did not go as Anna and lawyer/bf, Howard Stern, were probably hoping as Stern was served with papers just outside the courthouse, alleging that he perjured himself in statements given for the paternity suit filed against Anna by ex-flame, Larry Birkhead. Is everyone thinking what I’m thinking? Of course! New reality show!


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