Anna Nicole’s Baby to Find Out Who Her Real Father is

Oh oh. The DNA is gonna be a-flyin’! That didn’t come out right.

A Los Angeles judge has ordered a paternity test to determine the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s 3-month-old daughter Dannielynn Hope, PEOPLE has learned.

The ruling, which was revealed on Thursday, came in a lawsuit filed by freelance photographer Larry Birkhead, who claims that he – and not Smith’s fiancé Howard K. Stern – is the father of the infant.

The former Playboy pinup and Stern returned to the U.S. last week for a hearing in San Francisco in her effort to collect an inheritance from her late husband, oilman J. Howard Marshall II. It’s not known whether the baby was with them.

The whereabouts of Smith and Stern are unclear.

Find out what J. Harvey really thinks about all of this baby mess after the jump (the link is below).

Paternity Test Ordered For Anna Nicole’s Baby [People]
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Now if this were one of my favorite soaps, Dorian would sneak into Llanview Hospital’s Genetic Testing File Room and switch the results, or seduce a lab tech into switching the results for her. And Dannielynn wouldn’t know who her REAL daddy was until five years later at her wedding when her groom’s ex burst into the church with the results that Dannielynn was marrying her FATHER! And why she’s at her wedding in five years is because the soaps rapidly age children all the time to cast hot teenagers in an effort to save their dying art form. An ovum is graduating from college and solving murders and sleeping with the town’s billiionaire mobster/industrialist one year after it’s introduced. And this story is the trashiest soap opera ever, so Anna needs to take notes.

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