Anna Nicole Smith Pregnant Again?

Here at “A Socialite’s Life,” we feel it is our duty to tell you when a celebrity may or may not be pregnant. And now, it turns out, Anna Nicole Smith may or may not be pregnant. From The ShowBuzz:

A segment aired on “Entertainment Tonight” Wednesday showed the 39-year-old ex-Playboy playmate getting her hair done before an interview. Turning to the cameras, Smith said, “I think I might be pregnant again.” She added, “I’m not ready. (But) Howard wants to have another baby, he wants to have a little boy.” Smith was referring to Howard K. Stern, her partner and father of her three-month-old daughter Dannielyn. A few minutes later, she realized that she may have said a little bit too much. “I feel we should change the subject,” she said, giggling.

In other news, I may or may not be pregnant.

Anna Nicole Smith: Pregnant? [The ShowBuzz]