Anna Nicole Smith Buries Her Son

Yesterday was a bitch for Anna Nicole Smith. She had to bury her son Daniel. It was a tough an overwhelming event for Anna. She was said to have wailed and screamed loudly as she buried her son. TMZ wrote:

A gold hearse brought Daniel’s body to the cemetery attended by 20 people, including the CEO of TrimSpa, a diet pill company that employs Anna as its spokesperson. The ceremony featured an open casket. According to one source Daniel was buried in jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball hat with another hat – bearing the iconic Nike swoosh – by his side. A source from WENN news service, who had seen a picture of the body in the open casket, said the body appeared quite bloated.

Did we really need that last detail? I don’t think so.

Rush & Molloy give some details of what Anna reportedly said at the funeral:

“I don’t want my husband, I want my son back,” a woman, believed to be Anna, was heard to wail. “Leave me alone, leave me alone. Don’t touch me.” The News’ Paul Turnquest reports that, in “A Mother’s Remembrance,” Smith told Daniel, “You are the only one who could keep me solid. Why God took you away from me I do not now understand. … I wish he would have taken me instead. You were always afraid of dying, and I never believed you. … I don’t know how mommy’s going to make it without you. … I give God thanks for letting you see [newborn sister Dannie­lynn]. For that I give Him thanks. But for taking you away my heart is empty. I will come home to you. Your mother always and forever.”

It’s just so incredibly sad.

Anna Nicole Wails Loudly as She Buries Her Son [TMZ]

Written by Lauren Burch