Anna Nicole Smith Buries Her Son

October 20th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Yesterday was a bitch for Anna Nicole Smith. She had to bury her son Daniel. It was a tough an overwhelming event for Anna. She was said to have wailed and screamed loudly as she buried her son. TMZ wrote:

A gold hearse brought Daniel’s body to the cemetery attended by 20 people, including the CEO of TrimSpa, a diet pill company that employs Anna as its spokesperson. The ceremony featured an open casket. According to one source Daniel was buried in jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball hat with another hat – bearing the iconic Nike swoosh – by his side. A source from WENN news service, who had seen a picture of the body in the open casket, said the body appeared quite bloated.

Did we really need that last detail? I don’t think so.

Rush & Molloy give some details of what Anna reportedly said at the funeral:

“I don’t want my husband, I want my son back,” a woman, believed to be Anna, was heard to wail. “Leave me alone, leave me alone. Don’t touch me.” The News’ Paul Turnquest reports that, in “A Mother’s Remembrance,” Smith told Daniel, “You are the only one who could keep me solid. Why God took you away from me I do not now understand. … I wish he would have taken me instead. You were always afraid of dying, and I never believed you. … I don’t know how mommy’s going to make it without you. … I give God thanks for letting you see [newborn sister Dannie­lynn]. For that I give Him thanks. But for taking you away my heart is empty. I will come home to you. Your mother always and forever.”

It’s just so incredibly sad.

Anna Nicole Wails Loudly as She Buries Her Son [TMZ]

Written by Lauren Burch

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lisa

    Something about this whole thing just doesn’t add up. I can’t imagine why she would get married so soon after her son’s death and why she would wait 39 days to bury him.

  2. jannre

    Im with you Lisa…I find this whole story disgusting, from her fake marriage to scumbag Stern, to selling the last pics of her son alive…those would have been precious to me, and not for sale to the highest bidder…what goes around, comes around…

  3. greattits

    I do know that when my father died they wouldn’t release the body to me for 14 days because I am not the next of kin. My oldest brother was but the state couldn’t find him. Finally, they let us put him to rest. Wasn’t there an autopsy done and some other things going on that kept them from releasing the body to her. For once I don’t think this was her fuck up.

  4. Char

    First off, I think Anna is a weird duck.

    I also believe she loved her son very deeply.
    I believe she has been grieving for Daniel. Anna Nicole is not like “normal” folks. Perhaps her commitment ceremony to Howard was part of celebrating Daniels life? Perhaps they both needed that as part of their grief? Who knows. You would have to get into Anna’s head to understand it.

    I do NOT believe she had any part in Daniel’s death. My thoughts are that maybe he got addicted to pain meds because of his back? Maybe he was weaning off of something? Again, who knows.

    I don’t think the any of us needed to read about the condition of Daniel’s body in the coffin. That was a bit much.

    Daniel was a good looking, sweet young man. He had a mother who loved him. Albiet dysfunctionally.

    Should Anna have sold pictures? I wondered if she thought that would keep the media away for a while.

    All that I know for sure is a mother lost her son on September 10th. She asked God to take her instead. That is incredibly sad.

    Why did she wait to bury him? What if she didn’t want his body to be exhumed later due to the investigation.

    As far as Anna wailing at the funeral. Unfortunately, Anna is a loud, pouty and mostly obnoxious person. She is very child-like herself.

    Also, this so-called book being written her half-sister (whom she has never met)… I sure won’t read it. Sounds like her sister is a bitter person in her own right.

    Rest In Peace, Daniel Wayne Smith.

  5. Shannon

    I am a mother just like Anna Nicole was to her son. No words can help anyone understand the pain she went through. Yes, we all have our issues. Ask your self this question? If everything you did in life was put on the cover of a mag,tV screen or on internet. Would you be so perfect? No one is. Honestly, so what if Anna wanted better for herself and her son. She did what she could. The people in her life where supose to be her friends. He late husband. ASKED her to marry him remember? She is intitialed to the money wheather he was 50 or 90, she still was his wife. Even if it was for a short time. Oh and how did they meet? He went to the strip club she danced in. He went to the strip club! Meaning he came to her. As for the money for the last photo… I cannot fault her. She may have needed the money for Daniels burieal or other things we do not know about. It is not like she didn’t get a copy. I don’t view it as her selling her son. I think she wanted to show the world they were a family, even if it was only for a day. I miss them both. I belive Anna had her ups and downs. I cannot say I am perfect ether. I see a lot of good Anna has done. She was a very good mother. She may have had trouble in her relationships with men. But don’t you think most women to day do. How many times have you seen a women flirting just to have a man buy them a drink or go home with any man. So Stop bashing Anna! I am her number one fan! I know she is in heaven with her son! God finally rescued her from this world. God bless them both!

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