October 24th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Here’s the unedited version of that Anna Nicole Smith high clownface video she made with her “lawyer” Howard K. Stern. This is an even more f*cked-up version with Howard K. Stern still talking about the money he’s going to make off this and a nine year old girl involved and Anna talking about a doll as if it was her real baby. It’s all pretty tragic and gross. If anyone has any doubts as to how scummy K. Stern is, here’s your clip. Does anyone have some Borax and a wire brush so I can scrub my mind? And someone else who could use a good scrubbin’ is Howard K. Stern.

By J. Harvey

  1. rootabega

    so sad how he kept her medicated and “humored her” while she was wandering around…in a clownface..holding a plastic baby..with her boob falling out of her sarong.. omg i cant even type this.

  2. devil

    I’ll be hearing that little girl’s voice whispering “brain trouble” in my nightmares tonight.

    Why was that child even permitted near ANS or HKS? Certainly, it was a traumatic afternoon for that nine-year-old, who had more sense and heart than anyone else around.

  3. Jill from Western Australia

    I wonder where the boat is now… that HK$ was “conveniently” purchasing whilst ANS lie dead in her faeces riddled bed????
    When are the next Inquests???

  4. Liz

    how interesting that this tape should come out just as Howard has petitioned the court for 6% of Anna’s estate. Maybe she is haunting him from the grave.
    hopefully the judge will see this and say “hell no” to the 6% then throw Howard’s ass into jail where it belongs.
    RIP Anna.

  5. Agent Zero

    The video really is troubling to look at and really no matter what kind of state she was in I still am not sure if it needs to be shown on television. But then it’s hard to keep things under wraps when Ford Shelley (the father of the little girl in the video) breaks into Anna’s house after news of her death to “secure items.” My guess is he was “securing” whatever he thought might be of interest to the press later so he could make a nice profit. In regards to Stern’s 6% I don’t think it will matter in the end because it is very unlikely that Larry or Dannielynn will collect any money from the Marshall’s. I cannot see the courts awarding them any money when there is ample documentation that Anna’s former husband willfully intended to leave her nothing. This action is completely frivolous and was written up really clearly in an article that I read recently.

  6. Jen

    Howard is one cruel evil man.
    I feel for ANS. Totally controlled by this monster. I hope this new inquest lands him in jail where he can be “controlled.”

  7. noodlemonkey

    I agree, Agent Zero, that there is little chance that Stern (or anyone else) will see any part of the Marshall estate. Having said that, the fact he is going after a portion of the potential windfall is vile. Couple that with this home video and there is no question that this guy needs to be taken to the woodshed…

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