Anna Nicole Smith Is Goofy From The Beyond

April 24th, 2007 // 2 Comments

As her final filmic legacy, Anna Nicole Smith left behind “Illegal Aliens,” a comedic spoof on the action film genre and not the serious, Oscar-worthy drama you were probably thinking. But, to her credit, her biggest asset–being able to poke fun at herself–worked to her advantage on her last film, which will be released on DVD May 1st.

Early on in the movie — which comes out May 1 on DVD, three months after Smith’s death — there’s a clip from Smith’s reality-TV show, in which she devours a life-size cake made in her own image.

“Eating her own image, that’s what she does in the movie,” said David Giancola, director of “Illegal Aliens,” on which Smith was a producer and her late son, Daniel Smith, was associate producer. “She really wanted people to laugh. Anna and Daniel wanted to make a movie that satirized Hollywood and ourselves to a great extent.”

OMG, a Me-Cake sounds really good right about now. Or ever, really. Seriously, I need to stop writing these things on an empty stomach. And perhaps start thinking about dealing with my preoccupation with frosted baked goods.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Loob

    OMG!! David Giancola made the most hilarious/bad movie that was in turn used on one of the best ever episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000!
    I was certain he would never be heard fom again!
    But I do love that episode. The film was Time Chasers, and I can still quote from it, years later. :)
    “A David Giancola film… is.. not something you’d want to see.”

  2. crazy

    Never saw that film – but did watch this w/a friend (dvd reviewer for NYTIMEZ) – I LOVED this film – it was so dumb that it was hysterical… I nearly wet myself OMG – just thinking about it makes me chuckle – mmmmmm cake!

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