Anna Nicole Smith, Still Vacant As Ever

November 8th, 2005 // 8 Comments

“Ssssommmmme guy s ksssng meee. I looooooooveeee youuuuuuu!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Anne

    and people think Jessica Simpson makes weird/dumb facial expressions…..anna nicole smith is so gross!

  2. Krystyn

    why in the world is she smiling like that? Is she trying to show off her fronts? WTF?

  3. secretweapon

    I believe she was only talking while smiling, not really posing for an unknown with a camera. She still looks great to me. God bless her for keeping that weight off. Trim spa did nothing for my appetite!

  4. Anne

    she must talk a lot in front of the cameras then because virtually everywhere she goes she has that stupid facial expression!LMAO

  5. grovehl

    Ok, do we really think that it was Trim Spa? Does anyone else besides me think that she had gastric surgery of some sorts?

  6. Ocelot

    I mean, who the hell cares about her? I want to know who that guy is kissing her. He’s damn sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pity he’s straight…..

    And yes, I too believe there was something way more drastic than trimspa….. more like surgeryspa

  7. mutterhals

    My money is on CrackSpa or Crystal MethSpa…

  8. Medicchick98

    I think she looks like she has the mouth of a horse….look at every pic of her….HUGE ass gums….eeekkkk…enough to give anyone nightmares!

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