Anna Nicole Smith Wants Some Colin Farrell

We happen to be with Anna Nicole Smith on this one. I want to know how he measures up?

Busty blonde Anna Nicole Smith is desperate to view Colin Farrell’s sex tape, because she’s heard the Irish actor is well endowed.

Phone Booth star Farrell and his ex-lover, Playboy model Nicole Narain, have both insisted they have no idea how a 15 minute tape of them romping was leaked.

But Smith is still excited about the prospect of watching Farrell in action.

She says, “I can understand you don’t want the world to see your tape. But what about a private screening for me?. “I’d like to find out if you really are Hollywood’s biggest leading man. If you’re interested, you know where to find me.”

Anna Nicole Smith Wants Private Screening Of Farrell Tape [Female First]