Anna Nicole Redux – An Eyewitness Report


A reader sent in this first hand account of Anna Nicole’s VH-1 “performance.”

I was there and it was f*cking great.

She walked on stage completely out of it, barley able to talk. If she was
not so doped up on the meds she would have been quick enough to rip off her
top. But because she moves in slow mo, they were able to stop her.

Another highlight was Bobby Trendy as he would parade on stage during
commercial breaks as if he was some runway diva. He even had some boy toy
following him around carrying his stupid cape.

The two of them should be caged a petting zoo, and people could pay to feed
them vicodin. If you are fan of trashy reality peeps, definitely watch.

I need not say anymore.

[photo via FWD]