Anna Nicole Given Deadline For Paternity Test

Anna needs to surrender the DNA.

Now that the judge in the Anna Nicole Smith baby dispute has ordered all DNA testing be completed by January 23rd, celebrity wagering site has posted the odds of who will be named the father of her female spawn, Dannielynn.

Smith’s ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead has a 10/11 chance, trailing Anna’s partner/lawyer/warden Howard K. Stern with 5/7 odds. Say it ain’t so!

While the “Other” option is a long shot with a 9/2 chance, one never knows what will happen when the Anna Nicole circus is in town.

I hope it’s “other” and the father is Bobby Trendy. Now that’s a goddamn plot twist. The baby is then sure to be swathed in some gorgeous and elegant fabric. And probably a big chiffon scarf.

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