Anna Nicole Getting Sued By All The Lawyers I Assume She’s Not Currently Sleeping With

The Bahamian law firm that took on Anna’s case after her son’s untimely passing this past fall is now taking legal action against their former client, who seems to have forgotten that unlike Howard K. Stern, some of her lawyers would actually like to get paid–and not in denominations of nookie. Gone Hollywood reports:

The law firm claims they are owed $113,000.00 dollars. Smith’s new lawyer counters that her old legal team hasn’t been paid yet because they have failed to provide an itemized bill. And, Anna intends to file a “breach of duty” claim against her old lawyers, who dropped her as a client after having a falling-out with her. Her new lawyer argues that any damages would likely exceed the amount of her legal bill.

Um, the real idiots in this situation are her new lawyers, who are clearly operating under the very flawed perception that eventually they too will get paid.

Anna Nicole Sued By Her Own Lawyers! [Gone Hollywood]