Anna Nicole Burial Case Fast-Tracked


A cover sheet for a fax dated February 3rd of this year was procured by TMZ, and makes it look like perhaps Anna Nicole Smith had been in the process of revising her will just six days before her death. Included in the fax was Anna’s will, and listed on the cover sheet was a phone number and the letters RAR. TMZ is theorizing that the letters correspond with the initials of Howard K. Stern’s lawyer, Ron A. Rale. According to the site:

TMZ has obtained a statement from Smith’s former nanny in which she alleged Smith tried to take her life twice after Daniel died. Under the will, Stern was not protected. Daniel was the only beneficiary with Stern as trustee. As a result, Smith’s infant daughter would inherit her mom’s property outside the will, and unless Stern could prove he was the father, he would probably lose his claim to serve as trustee.

As for the dispute over Anna’s remains, despite being embalmed, her corpse is unfortunately deteriorating at a rate that is quicker than anticipated according to Dr. Joshua Perper, the county’s chief medical examiner. As a result, court proceedings have been fast-tracked in the hopes of determining where she is to be buried before it becomes impossible to hold an open-casket ceremony. The goal is now to have the case decided by Friday.

And the paternity issue over her baby continued in Los Angeles, despite the fact that Larry Birkhead, Howard Stern, and Anna’s mother were underway with court proceedings on the other side of the country. According to E! News Online:

During the closed-door hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider ordered a DNA sample taken from Smith last week be turned over from the Broward County coroner and be tested for paternity by another expert.

The result was that it has been ordered that both DNA samples from Howard K. Stern and Anna’s daughter be obtained. However, with the baby in the Bahamas and out of the jurisdiction of either court, it’s anyone’s guess as to how they’ll get a hold of that.

Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.