Anna Nicole And Her Methadone Dealer Were Close

February 22nd, 2007 // 6 Comments

Whoo-hoo! Jesus Christ, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they found footage of Anna sitting on JFK’s face. That’s crude, but seriously – did Howard K. Stern ever put down the camcorder? No, because he saw this messy chick’s life as a virtual cash cow. Anyway, here’s some interesting footage of Anna getting sexy with the DOCTOR WHO PRESCRIBED HER THE METHADONE SHE WAS TAKING WHILE PREGNANT . Yeah, I’m trying to think if I’ve ever rolled around topless with my doctor. That’s ok, right? I mean there’s nothing wrong here, right? So I showed my manboobs for Vicodin…I was in PAIN!

TMZ has obtained shocking video footage of Anna Nicole Smith and a shirtless Dr. Sandeep Kapoor getting hot and heavy at a West Hollywood, Calif. gay bar in 2005.

Both Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern can be seen looking on as Anna gets groped and licked by Kapoor, who is currently the subject of an inquiry by the California Medical Board over his possible misconduct in the prescribing of methadone to an alias used by Smith.

As TMZ first reported, a prescription for methadone was written by Dr. Kapoor on August 25, 2006 for “Michelle Chase,” a known alias of Anna Nicole Smith, who was eight months pregnant at the time.

Maybe it was dry humping for charity? Why were they in a gay bar? Larry Birkhead does look like a little light in the loafers. Was he hosting? But seriously, is Dr. Kapoor taking patients? That’s the kind of care I need.

By J. Harvey

  1. Maybe HE’S the baby-daddy!!!!!!!

  2. jackson

    Uh, Kapoor looks dressed for a Gay Pride parade (shorts, no shirt, and glowy necklaces). Why does this make news? What gay man has not felt up Nicole?

  3. Cypress

    She dared God with her sinful and evil nature one time too many and Lost!

  4. Uh…anyone else rather make out with all 4 of these people before spending time alone in a room with “She dared God with her sinful and evil nature one time too many and Lost”?


  5. Nothinbetrtodo

    Ok, Im pretty sure that methadone is for those who are trying to kick the habbit without doing illegel drugs so there body doesnt go into shock.It is most commonly used for mothers who are expecting so the baby doesnt get hurt. Meaning it will not harm the baby. If that is true(which while we are all so busy looking at her life as if we are all perfect everyone can take the time to look this up.) Her taking that to calm her addiction, to not hurt her baby is a good thing isnt it? She wasnt taking the harmful stuff so lets look into things while we are judging shall we!!!!!!

  6. simone

    hope he lose his license. he’s no better than a crack dealer on the street.

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