Anna Kournikova: Pretty, Not An Animal Lover

All my straight guy friends drool over this chick. What is it? Is it that tennis was traditionally full of mannish women and lesbians and she was the first one to look like she rolled up from “Laguna Beach”? Was she any good? I’ll tell ya this much – retirement hasn’t made her very gracious . She sounds like a dog-kicker.

Retired tennis hottie Anna Kournikova probably wished she’d bitten her tongue after she yelled at a Miami Beach surfer and his sunbathing puppy, “That dog should be on a [bleep]ing leash!” The surfer snapped back, “Maybe you should be on a [bleep]ing leash!” Our source reports, “All the surfers and bystanders applauded and barked at Anna.” Embarrassed, Kournikova walked around the corner, but “reappeared minutes later with three girlfriends who just stood there scowling.” Kournikova’s rep did not return calls.

That gets my vote for comeback of the week. I’m sure someone as attractive as her isn’t used to someone comparing her to a dog. Wasn’t she going out with Enrique? Her career’s over and he hasn’t had a hit in awhile. Maybe that’s why she’s yelling at dog owners. Maybe they should open a muffin shop and find some fulfillment. But wasn’t “you can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my love” a hot jam? Shut up, it was good!