Anna Kendrick Continues To Prove How Womanly She Is

In the new issue of Flaunt magazine, Anna Kendrick talks about her crazy life once she got nominated for an Oscar, but insists that in reality, her life is still rather boring.

“Sometimes I feel like I got thrown into the deep end,” she tells the magazine, adding, “and I feel like nothing will ever be as crazy as that was and I feel like I can handle anything.”

“My favorite part of events and premieres is when I come home and I sit on my bed–my really truly crappy Ikea bed–and I pull up The Daily Show on Hulu, and I’m sitting in the post-premiere aftermath, looking at how ridiculous it is that I’m wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothes and jewelry… I’m the same human being, I’m just wearing nicer clothes. And they’re not even my clothes.”

Humble as she may be, she looks great in the photos and she’s always been delightful to watch in everything I’ve seen her in.

(Images via Egotastic)