Anna Had Even More Diaries, And These Ones Were Dirty

April 20th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Cindy Adams is claiming there are even more Anna Nicole diaries to come to light, and the new ones are filthy . She also goes on to say that given the content, it’s better that Anna is dead. Huh? Uh, methinks Cindy needs to get some. What is she, a bad slasher film? The teens who f*ck should get killed first and the virgin survives? Did her mother leave her alone with the camp counselors and she drowned in a boating accident because the counselors who were supposed to be watching her were screwing instead? You’d leave her alone, too. No one needs a raspy-voiced yenta with a beehive trying to act all film noir.

How a celebrated female, the mother of a child, could set down such words, have such thoughts, perform such acts, then memorialize them on paper is not to be fathomed. In these pages, she uses different names for herself which, you are told by those who apparently know, indicate she had multiple personalities. She’s “Robyn” when she’s heavy-duty slutty, “Nicky” when she’s depressed, “Vickie” when she’s into family sagas and “Anna” when gift-wrapping herself as a movie star.

This Anna who reveals herself in these pages? It’s best that she’s no longer here.

Unless she was revealing that she was molesting,abusing or killing people – you’re a damn looney tune, Cinds. What are you, God’s avenging angel? Sit down.

By J. Harvey

  1. britney

    Y’all, even ah knows that ‘these ones’ is really bad english…damn where’s my Cheetoes?

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    Is Cindy just noticing that ANS made most of her money from using men? Why is Cindy even employable, she’s been an irrelevant idiot for over 40 years. I love how she talks about people who have been dead since the 60′s, cuz it’s uber creepy.

  3. blu

    Preach it, J! You so awesome…

  4. Jesse D

    Yeah, that Cindy broad wrote a really creepy book about her obsession with this dog. Now she saying someone is better off dead? WTF is wrong with her? Crazy, bitter old bat. Shut yer trap.

  5. lookwhaticando

    Hey, She Clearly wrote “Do Not Read” And You guys read it. What’s up with that.. Just to darn funny.

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