Anna Faris Makes Poop-Scooping Look Fun

Not really.  I mean, she’s super-cute and all, but scooping poop, or more specifically, throwing away your dog’s wee-wee pad, totally sucks.

Here are some pictures of Anna Faris doing just that on set for a movie that our photo service couldn’t identify.  Judging by her enormous coat and boots, it must be the frozen wastelands of L.A. (those Los Angeleans are so over-dramatic about the weather; not that us New Yorkers are any different: whenever the high is above 50, I break out the daisy dukes).

Anyhoo, according to, the only thing Anna is currently filming now is Yogi Bear, which is not a live-action movie, and also sounds like it will suck bongwater (Justin Timberlake as Boo-Boo?  My eyes don’t even roll that far).  And thankfully, Private Benjamin and TMI are still in pre-production (there’s still time to pull out, Anna!)  Regardless of my rantings, it must be some other unidentified flick.

I am now going to skip any comments I might have made about Anna locking her puppy Bonzo in her trailer for who knows how long (someone call the ASPCA!) and instead leave you with lots of pretty pictures that demand your attention.