Anna Faris’ Busty ‘Observe And Report’ Premiere

Anna Faris vamped it up at the premiere of Observe and Report with slinky skin baring dress. The dress choice could have been in homage to the massive cleavage she’s sporting in Observe and Report.

In the movie Anna stars as Brandi, a make-up counter girl who catches the eye of a mall security guard played by Seth Rogen. The House Bunny star says she was delighted her role as make-up counter clerk Brandi was so unlikeable because she found it liberating portraying someone who didn’t care what people thought.

Faris completely enjoyed the experience of working with Seth Rogan. “Working with him was great and we just spent all day laughing. It’s sort of like the perfect job.” They are a match made in comedy heaven.

Gallery Info: Anna Faris, Seth Rogan, Celia Weston, Michael Pena, Danny McBride, Cheryl Hines, Eric Winter, Jonah Hill and Ray Liotta at the premiere of Observe And Report.