Anna Wintour: Restyle The Celebrity

Hailee Steinfeld 2013 Met Ball
Hailee in Donna Karan at the 2013 Met Ball.
She might be the supposed Queen of Fashion, but Anna Wintour’s outfit to the 2013 Met Ball was really anything but glamorous.z

THAT OUTFIT: The Vogue editor-in-chief donned a Chanel number for the gala that really didn’t tickle our fancy. First off, nothing about this falls into the theme of Punk: Chaos to Couture. Sure, you’re Anna Wintour, but you’re also the chair of the event. Have fun! Also, this looks like it was made from some super ridiculous, couch fabric. Let’s see what we can do with this. 

THE DRESS: Alright, if you’re going to go for floral–and I’m just not sure why anyone would/why floral is considered punk–maybe don’t go for such a colorful floral look. How about trying something like Kerry’s Washington’s dark floral dress? But if you really insist on sticking with something so patterned, maybe pull a Sarah Jessica Parker and do bigger patterns that don’t look so couchie.

THAT HAIR: So, we know you won’t actually do anything to your hair because you’re Anna Wintour and your bob is who you are. But how about adding something to it to make it fun? If you’re not into the fascinator look like SJP, maybe try a cute headband. And since it’s punk you can do a stunned one like Michelle Williams. So simple and so cute.

Launch the gallery to check out some of our suggestions for Ms. Wintour. Have any restyling tips of your own? Sound off in the comments!