Anna Paquin With Her Twins, Reveals She Suffers From ‘Bitchy Resting Face’

Anna Paquins Baby Bump
Anna Paquin's baby bump looks ready to burst.
This past Saturday (June 22, 2013), True Blood stars and couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, were spotted with their twins Charlie and Poppy out to eat in Venice, California.

The new mother recently starred in Susanna, a new web series trying to shed light on postpartum depression. Anna plays, Katie a new mom who is hospitalized after she develops acute postpartum depression. Her sister Susanna must step in to take care of the new child and her sister.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, Anna revealed that she suffers from Bitchy Resting Face Syndrome. Anna told Kimmel… 

“It’s interesting because then I get to see these really lovely pictures of me looking apparently really miserable all the time with my kids,” Anna said. “I saw this thing on the Internet which is like a fake PSA, but I think I really related. It’s called Bitchy Resting Face. And it’s basically — I apparently suffer from a really severe case of Bitchy Resting Face.”

What does it mean? What are the symptoms? “It basically means if you are kind of caught off guard and you’re not smiling, and it means you look really angry all the time, or like you want to kill people, or you’re a giant bitch. And apparently that’s pretty much how I come across. It’s like I’m really happy [in reality], my life’s good…”

Poor thing. I’m sure with a little nip and tuck she can get that Bitchy Resting Face thing taken care of.

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