Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer Walk Their Vampire Babies

Anna Paquins Baby Bump
Anna Paquin's baby bump looks ready to burst.
True Blood stars and real-life husband and wife, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer continued to prove their invincibility to the California sun when the couple stepped out in Venice over the weekend for a lunch date with their twins, Charlie and Poppy.

However, the two HBO stars were careful to wear dark sunglasses on their jaunt near the beach. Also, their matching fair complexions are a far cry from the norm of Los Angeles natives.

With a new season of True Blood airing today, Anna hinted that Moyer’s character on the show, Bill, would be a source of great mystery. Paquin says, “We still don’t know ultimately who or what this character is.” 

The greater mystery to me, however, is how two adorable kiddos manage to be so cute and chill at the same time. What a pair of cuties!