Anna Kendrick Shows Off Sexy Vacation Pics While Also Being Hysterical [PHOTOS]

Anna Goes Retro
Anna Kendrick looks fabulous for Glamour UK.
In case you guys didn’t know, Anna Kendrick is amazing.

The Oscar-nominated actress recently enjoyed a Mexican vacation and made sure to keep all her fans updated by posting the best stuff on Instagram and Twitter. For reals, if you’re not following Anna on either of those things, you are missing out! Remember her awesome Ryan Gosling tweet? It’s stuff like that all the time!

Anna posted the sexy swimsuit photo above with the fantastic caption, “I’m bringin’ sexy back #PUNS #NailedIt #FistPump.” I think we can all agree that that is indeed a sexy back. Justin Timberlake would be proud. So what else did the actress get up to during her vacation? 

Obviously there were some writing in the sand. In this case a picture of the word “BOOBS” with her caption reading “#Maturity.” Listen y’all, sometimes you jut gotta write it out in the sand. Obviously there was normal vacation stuff as well like hiking and nights spent partying. I’m assuming the lovely white dress with the Karen London necklace were for the parties.

Launch the gallery to check out all of Anna’s best vacation photos from Instagram. Do you think she’s one of the most awesome folks on the web? Are you following her? Let us know in the comments!