Anna Kendrick Has Fun On The Set Of ‘Cake’ With Jennifer Aniston

Anna Kendrick's Instrgram
Anna proves she's cute, hysterical and silly.
Now, we’ve discussed my girl crush on Anna Kendrick right?

She’s funny, adorable, does a mean impression of a 90s kid on drugs–basically, she’s the best. So clearly I’m super excited to photos of Anna on the set of her new movie, Cake. That’s the one that Jennifer Aniston was shooting in a cemetery last week.

While the movie about a grieving mother is clearly sad, Anna has somehow figured out a way to make her time on the set hysterical. 

The actress posted this photo on Instagram yesterday with the caption, “Fuck flowers. My trailer has three of these. I knew this movie would pay off. #CAKE #DayOne”

I mean, Anna has a point. I wonder if Jennifer got cake in her trailer? She probably didn’t eat it though. Have you seen that woman’s skin? I don’t know how she keeps it so flawless, but I assume part of it has to do with not eating cake.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the set today and yesterday. Does this movie sound like it could be up your alley? Sound off in the comments below!