Anna Kendrick Conquers Her First Fashion Week

Anna Kendrick's Kiss
Anna puckers up for Jeremy Jordan on set.
Fashion Week has given us all plenty to look at and admire, including a whole bunch of A-list celebrity guests.

Anna Kendrick was among the celebrities to attend fashion week, and she definitely looked like she was enjoying herself. Anna sat in the front row for the J. Mendel fashion show, and I have to say she looked just as fashionable as the models did, looking elegant in emerald green and black.

You wouldn’t be able to tell from the pictures, but this is actually Anna’s very first fashion week! So far though, she’s handled it like a pro. She loved getting to sit in the front row, but was slightly intimidated by the rest of the all star guests. “I sat next to Solange at one, and she is a force to be reckoned with,” Anna confided.

Anna is quite the fashion guru, and loved getting to see all of the amazing outfits parading by her. For her own fashion inspiration however, she tends to look in less conventional places. “I’m obsessed with Margaery on Game of ThronesShe’s my fashion crush. I love that they differentiate the different regions through fashion, but they’re using similar silhouettes, and it’s the lovely details that changes things up. Do you have the number for their costume designer?”

Very strange, but also kind of cool? If anyone can work it, Anna can.

While the rest of the guests were obsessed with Instagramming the models, Anna took a different approach. She Instagrammed a photo of herself in the snow, saying, “New York Fashion Week #blizzardproof” Even at fashion week, this girl never takes herself too seriously, and I love it.