Anna Faris Wants Herself 8 Kids

Yes, you read the correctly. 8! What’s Your Number star Anna Faris is keen to get started on a family with husband Chris Pratt. She told US Weekly at the Marie Claire and Express screening of What’s Your Number, “I would love to have eight kids! I don’t think I can handle it though. I’ve never done that before, but I do want a lot of kids.”

Anna and Chris having 8 kids isn’t entirely a bad thing. They’re both really attractive, so chances are their kids will be too. Anna showed us just how lovely she at the screening. Well, she may have a few awkward smiles here and there. Check out the gallery and let me know if you agree.

PHOTOS: Anna Faris & Chris Evans Looking Fabulous at the Premiere of What’s Your Number

I wonder if Chris was jealous that Anna got hang out with naked Chris Evans in her new film? Especially since he stars in the film too and was on set! He probably had one of those “At least I’m the one who is soing to have 8 kids with her” moments. I can’t wait till those start to “populate the world” with comedic children.

What do you think of Anna’s grand children plans? Too many kids? Not enough kids? It’s only OK cause they’re a cute and funny couple? But really though, awkward smile! You must agree with me on this!