Anna Nicole’s Secret Disease?


A man who befriended Anna Nicole on her visit to Disneyland about eleven years ago, revealed that she was plagued by aches and pains brought on by her battle against lupus. Frank Rodriguez said that he acted as Smith’s tour guide during her trip to the amusement park more than once and enjoyed a “special friendship” with the former Playboy pinup. From The ShowBuzz:

I never told anyone this,” Frank Rodriguez told “The Insider” in an exclusive interview. “She asked me to swear I would never, ever ever tell anybody.”

Rodriguez said he is speaking out now because he doesn’t like people calling the late starlet “a drug addict.”

“She had a very serious condition, and I think people are entitled to know the truth,” he said.

Rodriguez spoke with “The Insider” in an interview set to air in Tuesday, and Howard K. Stern confirmed with the news magazine that Frank was in fact a close friend of Anna’s.

I do admit that this puts her behavior in a somewhat more understandable light, but last time I checked, methadone was not a treatment for lupus.