Ann Coulter Likes Attention, Is A Douchebag

March 5th, 2007 // 69 Comments

Some queen needs to roll up on this bitch and punch her in the mouth. Seriously. I don’t advocate violence but can’t someone at least maybe wing her with a bullet? Notice I said “wing,” not “head shot.” I don’t want one of my two fans to blow her head off. I’d feel bad. For the person beside her who got sprayed with the brain chunks of an attention whoring vultureface. Anyway, she thought she was funny and referred to John Edwards as a “faggot” .

“I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word “faggot.”
The slur against gay people earned Coulter cheers in a young, standing-room only crow at Friday’s American Conservative Union meeting.
As CBS News correspondent Joie Chen reports, Coulter insists it was a joke about the Democratic hopeful.
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani called her “completely inappropriate.”
Coulter’s response on her website: “I’m so ashamed, I can’t stop laughing!”

Cheers in a young standing room only crowd? What’s up with the homophobic bullshit? You’re mad because some asshole had to apologize for calling a gay guy a faggot on live TV? Eat a dick, American Conservative Union. As for her, she’ll stop laughing when I get my blue Scion XA out of the shop and run her ass down on the street with a car full of my fellow gays and any other minorites I can fit in there. It’s a small car, but I bet I can fit another mo’, a black person, an overweight person, a French guy, and maybe a very small illegal immigrant housekeeper on the French guy’s lap. It’s all about spatial relations. Look both ways, Ann!

More Photos from Ann Coulter at the CPAC in DC After the Jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. shawka

    I didn’t see your post regarding Bill Maher’s equally disgusting comments on Chenney last week. Why?- You hate him and it was funny to you. But one of the great liberal “taboo” words ( and one that is used DAILY on these sites) is said by a Conservative—Let the selective outrage begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Leila

    She went on to dig herself into a deeper hole by saying stuff like, “I don’t know why more gays aren’t Republicans, we’re for the same things,” and “I’m not against gays, I’m just against gay marriage.” It’s like saying 100 years ago “I don’t know why black people aren’t fans of lynching, there’s too many of them around already, we’re just doing them a favor,” and “I’m not against women, I’m just against them being able to vote because they’re idiots.” You keep telling yourself you’re not anti-gay, Ann. Oh, and you look like a crackwhore. Seriously, that’s not a low insult, it’s the truth.

  3. dammitjanet

    J. don’t ruin your car. I drive a midwest-mom-mini van, and we can fit WAY more people in there. Plus, it’s heavier and we can mount the silver bullet, holy water spear on the front for a greater impact on this bitch.

  4. Cory

    Someone needs to take this bitch OUT! I would pay good money to see someone knock her teeth in.
    And Swhawka, Bill Mahar is a comedian, not a “political commentator” He is a comedian and made these comments on his comedy program, not a political function with all of the major republican presidential nominees attending. It is all about the context.

  5. The Masked Averger

    What she needs is a good old fashioned sex-tape scandal. Why hasn’t this happened? I mean Hannity and her have to have a camera, right?

  6. Nana

    Ok, I get it. It is ok to say that it would have been good for the VP Cheney to have gotten killed, but don’t you DARE say a bad word about homosexuals. What a crock of shit! I think Ann went WAY too far in what she said and she was WAY out of line. But some people think its ok to wish that someone would have died in a terrorist attck? You people are crazy!!

  7. pdb

    Oh, learn to take a joke, you thin-skinned homo.

  8. baaqar

    I was at CPAC. There were not cheers at her comment. A few nervous chuckles that sounds reflexive, but a lot of dead air from most of the hall.

  9. picky

    First, I agree that the selective criticism is bullsh1t.

    Second, I consider myself to be fairly conservative and I wish someone would kill this cunt.

  10. Sunnyhorse

    Masked Avenger, would YOU fuck this hag? THAT’S why there’s been no sex scandal — no one will touch her.

  11. Nana

    What is it with the wishing for people to get killed? What is wrong with some of you people? She was WRONG for saying what she said, and she is being hammered for it, and she should be. But what about Mahers comments? He actually wished for the VP’s death and that is ok, but making snide comments about homosexuals- but not wishing they got killed- that calls for her death? Frigging people are nuts!!

  12. ERI929

    She is one of the most repulsive people on earth. I find it surprising though that her gross racist comments about Barack Obama are not being commented on as well. It is pathetic that she thinks her bigoted behavior is funny and that ANYONE would “defend” her in any way is disgusting. This idiot calls for public officials to be murdered, says 9/11 widows are “enjoying” their widowhood, and now these insults. This isn’t free speech, it is out and out hate mongering and she needs to pulled from the airwaves, lose her ‘book’ contracts, and go away FOREVER!!

  13. Carolyn

    Thank you Cory, my thoughts exactly.

    Hey Nana, see Cory’s post. The Bill Maher analogy is a faulty one.

    Whoever chose her to speak should be held responsible..this sort of thing is not new for her. I hope Romney is embarrassed as hell for even introducing her. Nice company for a presidential hopeful to keep.

    I am not bothered in a politically correct way, I am bothered because she is useless and her “it was just a joke, you can’t take a joke” tact is so lame. Isn’t her time up yet?

  14. Carolyn

    And one more thing…I suggest you find out exactly what Bill Maher said before you string him up. He didn’t “wish” for Cheney’s death, the guests on the show were quoting what was said, and removed, from Huffington Post’s comments section. Maher said “I’m just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That’s a fact.” He was giving his opinion about Cheney’s role in Iraq etc.

    Viva la difference.

  15. Nana

    OK, because Maher is SUPPOSED to be a comedian, it is ok for him to say what he said. Sorry that is bullshit, because Ann also makes jokes about alot of people, and I don’t see that Maher should get a pass because he is a “comedian”. Yes, it was also really funny when he made comments about how heroic the 9-11 terrorists were to stay on the plane while it crashed into the towers. And the moron got fired for it. I guess that is an example of his great talents as a comedian. HYPOCRITES!!! I don’t care what a person does for a living, they don’t get a pass to say evil shit like that. And he was NOT kidding- so don’t bother saying he was.

  16. Nana

    How stupid! What he said amounts to the same thing of hoping Cheney was killed. He is getting a pass on it because of the way he worded it and some people are ignorant enough to believe it. Good for you.

  17. Nana

    And even if the VP had gotten killed I fail to see how the situation in Iraq would change. That is just ignorant.

  18. Shayna

    So someone uses a word that you find offensive and you want to KILL her? I’m not defending her, but this is making you look like a bunch of bitter hateful bitches. I guess if you’re gay that must be a sore spot, but gimme a break, You want to kill someone because they offend you? Why don’t you grow a pair and stop being a whiny bitch?

  19. lookwhaticando

    She is trash, And thank God the Elephants will soon be out of there. And not a second to soon.

  20. Lisa

    So, let me make sure I get this straight. Saying the “F” word no longer means “Fuck?”

  21. I’m an editorial cartoonist from New Jersey, and here are my thoughts on this whole Ann Coulter thing:

    To view cartoon, click here.

  22. dondadav

    Seriously, I think the funny part is that comments like this are coming from her. Because, I’m not really sure that she’s all girl, if you know what I mean. If I saw her walking through a Las Vegas casino, I would guess that there was a tranny convention in town, is all I’m saying. Maybe she shouldn’t be ripping on her own culture. Cuz bitch looks like a dude.

  23. Meg

    I volunteer to be the fatty!

  24. MJK

    pssst…i think Nana has finally run out of hot air…WAHOOOOOO!!!!!

  25. amle

    Well, Dean is a faggot, isnt he?

  26. Elaine

    If there is a hell, and if I’m sent there, I’m certain she’ll be there waiting for me at the gates to make my eternal damnation even more excruciating. But only if it doesn’t conflict with her weekly brunch with Hitler and Stalin.

  27. -A

    You know how we can kill two birds with one stone? Give Ann Coulter a reality show. Put her into the same house with Paris, Rosie, and Trump. Leave a lot of sharp objects laying around and …Roll Camera. Ann is in it for the attention. She knows people hate her, and so she will drive that hate, because that hate sells books, gets her booked, gets her PAID. That’s why people want to hear her talk at their things. Because what ever they say after, will sound GOOD by comparison. If Ann opens her mouth at a convetion. And say a politican follows with “I disagree with my colleague here” that’s a huge jump in aproval raitings instantly. Ann is like that fat, ugly friend you drag with you to the bars. You can’t help but look way hotter and thinner standing next to her.

  28. …and there it is, the mental equivalent of an 8th grader at recess.

    Whatever sells another book, I guess.

  29. Carolyn

    Nana, no it isn’t the same thing as wishing Cheney dead. Perhaps you should listen to what people actually say, rather than make assumptions about what you think they meant. Try telling a judge “but that’s what he MEANT I just KNOW it”. Also, if you don’t see what connection Maher was making to Iraq, then his whole comment was lost on you, no matter what your stance on the war. Educate yourself before you villify someone else.

  30. Bunny

    Loved your post! I am so in the car and could kill two birds with one stay. Black and Lesbo!!!

  31. -A

    A good friend of mine proposed this theory. Maybe Ann doesn’t know the meaning of the word “Faggot” In England it is a term for a cig. The kind you smoke. Maybe what she was doing is calling John Edwards, and Al Gore, cigs…as in she’d like to smoke their man meat. Because god knows the woman isn’t getting any. Kind of hard to when you’re as up-tight as that.

  32. The comparison is an insult to douche bags. She’s totally an enema bad. Sorry, enema bags. :(

  33. Sarah

    If you shave Ann Couter’s head, you’ll find 666. She is pure evil.

  34. Nana

    MJK you can piss off you idiot.

    Carolyn, yes he did mean that he had hoped the VP would have died- The comment was how if Cheney had died people would live. I guess in your world that means- I don’t really hope this person dies, but people would have lived if he didn’t. Doesn’t make sense. He meant it maliciously. I don’t see it the same way that you do, and it is WORSE than what Coulter said. And how would more people live if Cheney died? We would still be over in Iraq. That is plain dumb.

  35. -A

    Nana, if you’re talking rhetorical here, let’s assume for a minute that if One of the Bagillion heart bypases Dick had. Failed. Who would be there to nudge Bush boy into the right direction of War. Who would push the company that pays him big mulah, into the front of the defense contractors list so that they could make even MORE Money while delivering inadequate supplies to men and women who only wanted a job, not to die for oil that companies that both Bush and Dick have MAJOR parts of? Gee…I wonder.

  36. Nana

    A- That is lame, basically if Cheney died then Bush would stop the war? I don’t think so. You know you liberals can’t have it both ways- either Bush is a warmonger in an illegal war, or its not really his fault because Cheney is the bad guy. Please. Come up with something better.

  37. -A

    Ok Nana, how about…Bill was right! Ann sucks…and for reference


    1. of or relating to rhetoric; “accepted two or three verbal and rhetorical changes I suggested”- W.A.White; “the rhetorical sin of the meaningless variation”- Lewis Mumford
    2. concerned with effect or style of writing and speaking; “a rhetorical question is one asked solely to produce an effect (especially to make an assertion) rather than to elicit a reply” [ant: unrhetorical]

  38. Jess

    When people on the left make comments like that, they make them head of the party. She enjoys getting the idiots in the country pissed off. It’s fun for her. I bet she’s having the time of her life now.

  39. Nana

    A- Coulter was wrong for her comments. But hey bud, to agree with Maher shows what a great person you really are. But then liberals are mostly people with mental disorders- sounds like you have one- agreeing with a piece of scum like Maher.

  40. -A

    Nana, just a question. How high IS your High Horse? Because you just made a comment exactly like Ann would do. Plus for your information, not that you care. I’m not a Liberal. If anything I’m more republican, but when voting time comes, even if a “faggot” is in the running, I’m voting D! You might want to put some curtains on your big stereotype window through which you view the world though.

  41. Carolyn

    Ok, I tried to have a conversation about the facts of what was said by Coulter and Maher but clearly the likes of Nana, etc, cannot have a conversation without assumptions and name calling. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

  42. Nana

    A- I think you should ask yourself that. Anyone that thinks it is a good thing for our VP to get killed in a terrorist attack is deranged. And yes I think that extreme liberals do have problems with their mental facilities. You go ahead and vote D, good luck when you have higher taxes and more taxes taken out of your hard earned wages to go for people who don’t want to work, not to mention terrorist attacks in the US because the Democrats just want to be friends with the terrorists and don’t want to envade the terrorists privacy and a host of other bad things that will come to pass if a Democrat gets in the White House. That just makes so much sense.

  43. Nana

    Carolyn, LOL! You are too funny! I think you have it backwards on the kool aid drinking.

  44. Carolyn

    Let’s see, should I go for the cheap shot? Ah what the hell. It’s mental faculties…you wanna talk facilities let’s talk Walter Reed.

  45. MJK

    Ruh-Roh Rorge! Nana is awake again!

    (hey guys, if you don’t give her tantrum any attention, she’ll go away…she’s an attention starved twat just like mAnn Coulter)

  46. Nana

    Carolyn, excuse me on the spelling, we can’t all be as smart as you now, can we? As far as Walter Reed, what does that have to do with anything? I read about what was going on there and believe that is awful. My husband is a vet and my son is in active Iraq duty now, and something should have been done LONG before things got like they are now at Walter Reed. Whosever is responsible needs to be brought up on it. So, what is your point?

  47. Nana

    MJK- Do I need your permission to post on this site? I don’t think so, so unless you can contribute to the subject, why don’t you go play with yourself? Probably all the action a person like you will get anyways. And I won’t post to you anymore because you have nothing intelligent to say. I am the attention whore- ya right. Look to yourself. BUBBYE!!

  48. MJK

    No! Nana! Don’t say that! Not…post…(gasp) to me …anymore??!?!?! Noooooooooooo!


    Human beings are the only species that do not cull the herd…
    Which leads to weak, simple-minded people walking the earth,
    like mAnn and her dingle berries like Nannie here.

    Le sigh……

    If you get her to drink the Kool-aid, i vote for the Jim Jones recipe.

  49. Jinxy McDeath

    I quit getting riled up about old Ann when it was proven that she’s little more than a plagiarizing idiot. Also, she’s a well known fag hag in and around DC, which I guess she’s been able to work out the “except you guys” defense with her ‘boys’. She’s also a terrible alcoholic. So, yeah she’s a hypocritical drunk, a republican! Wheeeee!

  50. Nana

    People who advocate killing others because of comments or opinions are mentally deranged.

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