Ann Coulter slams Delta on Twitter amid seat dispute; Delta fires back

This could be one of the best unintended viral advertising campaigns for an airline ever. Delta airlines would like to “thank” Ann Coulter for losing it!

Traveling can be tough, and we know that the airlines have not had it easy this year. Coulter had a major bone to pick with Delta Air Lines on Saturday after she had said the airline moved her from a pre-booked, “extra room” seat for no reason.

The conservative commentator railed against the company on Twitter, calling Delta the “worst airline in America,” and complained that it had given her seat to someone who was neither old, a child, sick, nor an “air marshall (sic) or tall person.”

Delta said that Coulter originally booked seat 15F, which is located by the window in an exit row. However, within 24 hours of the flight’s departure, she changed to seat 15D which is by the aisle.

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“At the time of boarding, Delta inadvertently moved Coulter to 15A – a window seat – when working to accommodate several passengers with seating requests,” a Delta spokesperson said. “When there was some confusion with seating assignments during boarding, a flight attendant stepped in and asked that all of the passengers move to the seats noted on their respective tickets.”

Delta said that all passengers complied and crew members reported no problems. The company said it wasn’t aware of any until Coulter’s comments appeared on Twitter.

“The airline’s social media and customer care teams made several attempts to connect with her to apologize for the seat mix-up,” the company said. “However, they did not hear back from Coulter until Sunday evening.”

In it’s entirety, here is Coulter’s tweet storm:

The tweets continued into the next day:

Delta responded in the most perfect way:

Interestingly, this morning (July 17, 2017) Delta shares soared in premarket trading Monday and are marked to open 2.3% higher at $56.40 after guiding a strong third quarter despite missing expectations in the three months to June when it reported earnings on Friday, July 14, 2017. Coincidence yes, but congrats to Delta!

Coulter did not take to Delta’s response very well, and of course, had to get in the last word:

If you can recall, when United Airlines drew criticisms for the rough-handling of a passenger and carrying him off the aircraft, Coulter was seemingly unsympathetic. She tweeted:

Well, the Internet let them know what they thought of her tirade.