Aniston Moving?

July 30th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Is this so she can be closer to New Orleans, and then can finally lose it and drive down there wearing a diaper to kill everyone like a certain crazy astronaut chick?That was in poor taste. Aniston is reportedly considering a move to NYC. I don’t blame her. There seems to be less paps in NYC. And now she can go in peace and and buy all the magazines at the newstand that feature Brad and Angie to cut up and wallpaper her Brad and Angie Must Be Killed shrine. That’s what the third bedroom in her multi-million dollar condo will be for.

According to a source, the 38-year-old, who is on Forbes’ list as the 10th richest woman in the entertainment industry, had decided to buy a New York mansion.

“Her mind is made up. She’s been keeping a lot of the details to herself — until now,” Life and Style Weekly quoted the source, as saying.

Sources say she wants a change of scenery since she broke up with Vince Vaughn and she might do some theatre or something. Did she start in the theatre? I thought she started in “Leprechaun 2″ or something. To give her ass some credit, “Friends With Money” isn’t a bad flick. She plays this stoned maid with rich friends. And she calls her ex-boyfriend’s wife and demands to speak to his ass and starts yelling and freaking. It’s nice to see her play someone far from perky and pretty. And Scott Caan is in it and, I can’t even begin. Scott Caan. Damn. *drool*


More photos from Jennifer Aniston’s beach party after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Zekers

    Maybe she just wants to go home…that’s where she grew up.
    Jeez J., not very transparent with your feelings toward Aniston are you?!

  2. Margaret

    Why can’t you ever post anything about Jennifer without your nasty comments. I guess it’s the hits you’re seeking, or are you so biased that you are just plain mean. I’d call you Perez, but he gets 5 million hits a day.

  3. green cardigan

    Who’s the guy Courtney Cox is draping herself over in those photos? Easy there girl, your Woody Woodpecker husband is up a tree somewhere.

    Good for JA for buying a pad in NY. She might as well invest some of that lolly. Is she pals with Borat?

  4. skinny fat

    Why pick on Aniston? She hasn’t done anything but stay out of the limelight as opposed to Brangelina who announce every freaking thing they do.

  5. Lolita

    J. are you a loon fan of brangelinas???
    Jen looks gorgeous,beautiful and healthy she gets better every day. You go girl !

  6. S_M_G

    LMAO at you guys. See how it feels?

    You are too funny J. :-)

    And yeah I don’t think she ever did theatre.

  7. Joya

    snooooooooooooooze… I actually like Jennifer Aniston but if it weren’t for the whole Brad thing she could move to the moon and no one would notice. LOL!

  8. Maniston buying a MANsion? How manly of her. This sounds very ecologically friendly of her. Imagaine all the green she’ll be saving flying back and forth from LA.

  9. Char

    Ugh. Why are people still talking about this dried up bore? She’s about as intriguing and exciting as a trip to the dry cleaners. The only thing people even care about anymore is her stupid love life which sounds pretty lame-tastic and her career’s not doing so hot. BOR-ING. She could’ve gone somewhere cool after The Good Girl, but I’m SO SICK of seeing her whiny-looking face on magazines and hearing about how she keeps running to Courtney every time some man breaks her heart. Zzzzzzz. Wake me up when she gets some self-respect and keeps her private life private.

  10. jannre

    Char, I agree with you to a certain extent, people who don’t make fools of themseves, and lie to the public, and do anything they can to be in the spotlight, are always less interesting.not like some celebs I can think of,,,(cough,,cough.. brad and angie). I think she should go to New York, altho I heard she bought an apartment not a Mansion.

  11. lookwhaticando

    Gezzz, Move already, why is it every time this Fug Hag is finally fadding away, she leaks some lame azz story about moving to NYC. She is such a media Ho, Move already, no one cares, This is so not news, just Mans way to claw her way in the news, Hey Chin,, the men in NY dont want your fug lying azz either

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