Aniston Moving?

Is this so she can be closer to New Orleans, and then can finally lose it and drive down there wearing a diaper to kill everyone like a certain crazy astronaut chick?That was in poor taste. Aniston is reportedly considering a move to NYC. I don’t blame her. There seems to be less paps in NYC. And now she can go in peace and and buy all the magazines at the newstand that feature Brad and Angie to cut up and wallpaper her Brad and Angie Must Be Killed shrine. That’s what the third bedroom in her multi-million dollar condo will be for.

According to a source, the 38-year-old, who is on Forbes’ list as the 10th richest woman in the entertainment industry, had decided to buy a New York mansion.

“Her mind is made up. She’s been keeping a lot of the details to herself — until now,” Life and Style Weekly quoted the source, as saying.

Sources say she wants a change of scenery since she broke up with Vince Vaughn and she might do some theatre or something. Did she start in the theatre? I thought she started in “Leprechaun 2″ or something. To give her ass some credit, “Friends With Money” isn’t a bad flick. She plays this stoned maid with rich friends. And she calls her ex-boyfriend’s wife and demands to speak to his ass and starts yelling and freaking. It’s nice to see her play someone far from perky and pretty. And Scott Caan is in it and, I can’t even begin. Scott Caan. Damn. *drool*


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