Aniston and Vince Vaughn Know That Ex-Sex Is The Best Sex


Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn joined their mediocrity together again . They both can probably do better. Especially Jenn. Damn, Vince looks homeless lately. Take off that dirty windbreaker and shave! Maybe he’s depressed.

On the afternoon of April 21, Vince Vaughn hopped into his blue Pontiac Firebird convertible and made a familiar journey to the Hollywood Hills home of Jennifer Aniston.

“Vince didn’t leave until 5 p.m. the next day,” an eyewitness tells Us. But did they hook up?

If they did, “there is nothing wrong with it,” says an Aniston pal. “She can trust him.”

A Vaughn source agrees: “It’s no big deal if he stayed over. They are friends and can be friends with benefits.” (Reps for both Aniston and Vaughn had no comment.)

Apparently, they HAVE remained friends. She was at his birthday party this past March. But still, you know the times when he’s not being funny, he’s being pissed off and angsty and complaining that Sandler’s movies make more than his do and he doesn’t know why as he’s better looking and funnier. And you know she was tired of trying to never talk about Angelina around him because he’d always roll his eyes and say “Jenny, Jenny, ya gotta let it go” and patting her on the head like a dog when she did. And he didn’t like the “Angelina Jolie: Dead” exhibit she had in the cabana because it had an empty crib for Pax Thien and he wasn’t ready to be a father, let alone the father of a kidnapped child. Why are they repeating these patterns?