Aniston and Vince Vaughn Know That Ex-Sex Is The Best Sex

April 25th, 2007 // 73 Comments


Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn joined their mediocrity together again . They both can probably do better. Especially Jenn. Damn, Vince looks homeless lately. Take off that dirty windbreaker and shave! Maybe he’s depressed.

On the afternoon of April 21, Vince Vaughn hopped into his blue Pontiac Firebird convertible and made a familiar journey to the Hollywood Hills home of Jennifer Aniston.

“Vince didn’t leave until 5 p.m. the next day,” an eyewitness tells Us. But did they hook up?

If they did, “there is nothing wrong with it,” says an Aniston pal. “She can trust him.”

A Vaughn source agrees: “It’s no big deal if he stayed over. They are friends and can be friends with benefits.” (Reps for both Aniston and Vaughn had no comment.)

Apparently, they HAVE remained friends. She was at his birthday party this past March. But still, you know the times when he’s not being funny, he’s being pissed off and angsty and complaining that Sandler’s movies make more than his do and he doesn’t know why as he’s better looking and funnier. And you know she was tired of trying to never talk about Angelina around him because he’d always roll his eyes and say “Jenny, Jenny, ya gotta let it go” and patting her on the head like a dog when she did. And he didn’t like the “Angelina Jolie: Dead” exhibit she had in the cabana because it had an empty crib for Pax Thien and he wasn’t ready to be a father, let alone the father of a kidnapped child. Why are they repeating these patterns?

By J. Harvey

  1. T-Bone

    Hilarious ending, J. Harvey! But we all know that Jennifer Aniston has no need for such an exhibit. She’s better than that. Plus, Brad misses the hell out of her and regrets ever leaving her. That’s all the revenge she needs. As they say “the best revenge is to live a good life”. And she’s livin’ it!

  2. BARF

    Love Jennifer, for me, she is the epitomy of the modern independant woman. Brad will live to regret leaving her……..

    But what’s the deal with Fat Vinnie? Most of the time he looks like he’s slept in his clothes, isn’t too bothered by his personal hygiene, and likes to divide his day up between the pub and the betting office.
    Jen, you can do better than that.

  3. T-Bone

    Oh, but I do agree with one thing — Jennifer could do A LOT better than both Brad Pitt and Vince Vaughn

  4. Katie

    Pontiac Firebird convertible? Seriously?

  5. givemeabreak

    T-bone, Jenn’s living a great life with VINCE? She will never have another great looking man like Brad. Brad was the best she could ever do!

  6. qwwq

    This is smokescreen. If she wanted to be with him they would not have had seperate rooms on tour and they would have admitted a relationship. It’s a smokescreen for another relationship Jen is hiding. They never were a romantic couple.

  7. T-Bone

    Brad might be somewhat attractive, but he’s not a real bright guy. And since we all know that “looks aren’t everything”, I’ll say it again — Jennifer Aniston can do MUCH better than both Vince Vaughn AND Brad Pitt.

  8. BARF

    Yeah, a Pontiac Firebird convertible is a bit flash for a slob like him. I see him more in a beat up Ford Fiesta, full of cigarette smoke, rattling down to the bookies.

    Although if he lost some weight, got a tan and started wearing black PVC , he’d be a dead ringer for David Hasselhorf. THEN I’d understand the Firebird

  9. T-Bone

    Should anyone over 18 really be driving a Pontiac Convertible Firebird? Makes me think of trailer parks, drag-racing and wife beater t-shirts.

  10. Margaret

    The best comment I ever read on Vince was on Gawker, where someone said they saw him on the street beside his pickup truck, with his pit bull on a rope and his turned back cap facing up on the concrete. Seriously, Jen, think better. I’m with you, T-Bone. She can soooooooooo do better than either Brad Pitt or Vinney Vaughn, but luv is blind, and ex-sex is probably damned good!

  11. Margaret

    Just for the fun of it, I went over to read the comments on the Us Weekly site where this was story was posted. What a trip. The Brangelunatics (sorry, T-Bone, but I stole that from you) are going wild. It’s worth slumming to read the crap. Wait till Jared posts it. It’ll be stroke city over at his place. I’m told by someone with an advance copy of Star that this story, in their spin is a real doozer – that Jen and Vince have been hooking up since December. I guess I’ll have to plunk down the three bucks to buy the rag just to read it.

  12. T-Bone

    Margaret, I’d like to take credit for the whole “Brangelunatic” thing, but in good conscience I simply cannot. I’m pretty sure that I stole it from someone else as well.

  13. BARF

    You know, I was just thinking about Jen with Vince (i know it’s not healthy to think so much about people I don’t know, but there you have it). Maybe after years of being dazzled by Brad’s golden beauty she just said to herself, okay, been there, done that, now I’m going to try ugly.

    Hence Fat Vinnie.

  14. Jamie

    So I definitely had a religious experience while reading that “jenny, jenny, ya gotta let it go” thing.

    I don’t even know what it was, but I really can see that happening.

    And that’s all I have to say. Yay.

  15. [Fug Face Man!ston]

    any sex with [x[ sounds boring.

  16. [Fug Face Man!ston]

    any sex with [x] sounds boring.

  17. amle

    I have seen pics of brad nude. I am thinking it doesnt take much to beat that. Come on, you know Vince has it going on.

  18. Lolita

    T-Bone–not only have you revealed yourself to be a mean spirited jerk on more than one website,
    you are now showing yourself to be totally delusional. Fine. Don’t wonder why the rest of us dismiss your nasty and ridiculous posts.

  19. T-Bone

    Um Lolita — I hate to break it to ya, but I haven’t posted on any other website; however, since about 80% of the people out here usually agree with what I’m saying (according the posts I read), I’m thinking that you’re just upset because people actually dismiss what YOU say. It’s either that or the whole “trailer park, wife beater t-shirt” comment hit a little too close to home.

  20. lookwhaticando

    She needs to hang on with all her might to Lurch, that is the ONLY man she can get or who wants her Fugly Fake Azz. I just feel sorry for Vince.

  21. T-Bone

    And Lolita — one other thing, bud. You didn’t really “dismiss” my post at all. You must have really taken it to heart, because not only did you respond, but you responded with anger. And let me ask — what is the definition of “mean-spirited”? Is it the people who are out here defending someone nice like Jennifer Aniston or is it those who are out here constantly slamming her and defending Angelina Jolie? Which is it, Lolita, because I’m a bit confused?

  22. givemeabreak

    Lolits, I’ve come to the conclusion that T-bone IS Jennifer Aniston. No one else would put Angelina and Brad down constantly without having personally been involved in it. Jen, PLEASE get some help. This isn’t healthy for you. Vince will leave you again when he finds out whats going on.

  23. givemeabreak

    Lolita, I’ve come to the conclusion that T-bone IS Jennifer Aniston. No one else would put Angelina and Brad down constantly without having personally been involved in it. Jen, PLEASE get some help. This isn’t healthy for you. Vince will leave you again when he finds out whats going on.

  24. T-Bone

    givemeabreak (aka: lookwhaticando): I’m sure it’s hard to believe, but some people don’t care for Angelina Jolie and they actually think Jennifer Aniston is a decent person. I know it’s difficult to understand that someone just might have different opinion than you, but try to work with it and get used to it. It happens on a daily basis.

  25. sassyne

    Give me a break, I agree with you and Lolita, T-bone HAS to be JA. LOL! Oh, maybe Jen and Vince SHOULD just go on and get back together. Neither seems to be able to find that special one. I am thankful that Brad and Angelina are so well matched. I wish them ALL well. T-bone/JEN, I wish you well too!

  26. T-Bone

    OH BOY! The Jennifer Aniston haters are out in full force today! Let me guess why….hmmm…is it because you all thought Vince dumped Jenn and now you’re reading that he actually still sees her and cares for her? Is it because we all now know that Brad Pitt still calls her and tells his parents that he still loves her? Hmmm…I can see why you’re all upset, but try to get a hold of yourselves. Jealousy is definitely not a good look.

  27. givemeabreak

    T-bone AKA Jennifer, You need to take your OWN advice. Not everyone will support your opinion. I happen to like Brad, Angelina, and (gasp) Jennifer Aniston too. You are constantly posting trash about Brad and Ang like you have a personal stake in this. Jennifer needed to move on and take her “sources” with her. She seems to be doing fine, just as Brad and Angelina seem to be doing. Why is it okay for YOU to put them down, but if someone else gives their opinion on the situation i.e they support their relationship, you call them delusional or whatever? You are not the only free person in this country. WE ALL can and DO express our opinions. Why are you still bothered by this? If the players involved in this have moved on and are happy doing what they obviously wanted, YOU need to also. You can support Jen without putting others down. Take your own advice.

  28. T-Bone

    givemeabreak — your hypocrisy is boring me…yaaaawwwwn… You are not only out here reading all of this trash and “mean-spirited” stuff, but you post your comments/opinions as well. Translation: pot/kettle/black…

  29. lookwhaticando

    givemeabreak – I don’t think T-bone is Chinnifer Maniston, but I do know that she was kicked to the curb by her man, and I think the Other Women must have posed a striking resemblinse(sp)to the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, because girlfriend is really feeling this situation between Brad, Angie and Fugly. It’s so text book. ~~~sad~~~

  30. sassyne

    T, who said I hated Jennifer Aniston? I happen to like her. I love “Along came Polly”. I just think that it was for the best that her and Brad aren’t together anymore. He is on cloud nine now with more kids than he could have ever imagined, and he just seems to be more suited for Angelina. They LOVE each other. Jennifer is fine. She isn’t sitting around mopping over Brad. I think she, deep down, knew Angelina was better for him. Jennifer even, supposedly, sent them a gift when they had Shiloh. I know you like her, I do too, but she’s fine. When you keep putting Brad and Angelina down constantly, it makes Jennifer appear to be a victim. She isn’t a victim. She and Brad are two people who decided that their marriage wasn’t working and went their seperate ways. It happens everyday.

  31. givemeabreak

    lookwhaticando, you are right. T-bone had to be DOGGED by her man. She won’t stop. She is on a mission to slander these people. T-bone, Brad and Angelina will be fine regardless if you support them or not.

  32. Sue

    I’m not going to touch this whole, Jennifer/Brad/Vince/Angelina thing…I just want to know if anyone else checked out the next post, “Trend Thrift?” I don’t usually look at the fashion stuff as a rule, but things are pretty vapid here today so I’m trying to lighten it up. I laughed my ass off reading the descriptions on some of the shirts at this website.
    Go check it out and smile dammit!!!!

  33. lookwhaticando

    givemeabreak, I actually feel sorry for her. I mean it’s like her therapy to come on Angie/Brad/Jennifer threads and blogs to just run Angelina and Brad through the coals. I mean I have not seen so much consistent hate aimed at a person when she does not even know them, or related to them. What is the CONNECTION to make her hate Angie so much.

    We know. Anige is the other womem, And she got dumped for another women.

  34. givemeabreak

    lookwahticando, I am LMAO!!

  35. T-Bone

    lookwhaticando — YOU’RE definitely boring me with YOUR hyporcrisy. And if you knew anything about “textbook”, you’d know that your anger towards Jennifer Aniston and your constant bantering about women stealing men is an indication that YOU (not everyone else) have experienced many many dumpings by the men in your life.

    SassyAss – you are correct about one thing — Jennifer is definitely not a victim. It seems that the men in her life can’t leave her and always come back into her life, so she must be a pretty awesome person. I don’t believe I’ve posted anything negative about Angelina Jolie on this string of posts, other than perhaps insinuating that Brad still loves Jenn and that people are a little delusional about Angelina and Brad’s relationship, but that’s my opinion. You have yours, I have mine … blah blah blah blah

  36. sassyne

    T-bone, I am now joining Givemeabreak and LMAO @ your anger. Also, when has Brad “came back” to Jen? I think he does love her, but not in the way that a husband should love his wife. He loves Angelina, and wants to spend his life with her and their children. I love an ex of mine because he was special to me. IT doesn’t mean I want him back. You need to chill out. This isn’t even that serious. Not to put Jen down, but maybe vince came back because she seemed lonely and he felt sorry for her. Her fans make it like she’s some wounded kitten that has been kicked way to many times. Maybe he came back because he is the one for her. I hope she makes it with someone soon. You will go crazy if she or you doesn’t hurry and find SOMEBODY.

  37. T-Bone

    Need I remind you, Sassyne, lookwhaticando and givemeabreak, that you are on EVERY string related to Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt/Angelina that I’m on, and you’re usually trashing Jennifer Aniston in some way. So who’s obsessed? If I am then you are. Do you get that part? Does that make any sense to you at all, or are you that blind to your own hypocrisy?

  38. T-Bone

    Need I remind you, Sassyne, lookwhaticando and givemeabreak, that you are on EVERY string related to Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt/Angelina that I’m on, and you’re usually trashing Jennifer Aniston in some way. So who’s obsessed? If I am then you are. Do you get that part? Does that make any sense to you at all, or are you that blind to your own hypocrisy?

  39. T-Bone

    Your insinuation that I’m angry is kind of funny, since I’m feeling no anger at all.

  40. givemeabreak

    T-bone, most people “trash” Jennifer to defend Angelina. God forbid anyone say anything positive about the girl’s good works and charity without you jumping down their throats with negativity. THAT’S why people start to talk about Jennifer and her neediness etc. Just like you seem to really be a HUGE JA fan, Angelina has fans too, and they will not let you keep putting the girl down.

  41. lookwhaticando

    givemeabreak said:
    T-bone, most people “trash” Jennifer to defend Angelina. God forbid anyone say anything positive about the girl’s good works and charity without you jumping down their throats with negativity.


    Giveme – I agree 1000 percent.

  42. sassyne

    T-bone and ALL who put Angelina down, Angelina is a good person. No, I don’t know her personally. Her work speaks it all. What other Hollywood actor/actress spends so much time giving so much? Oprah, but that’s it. She really cares about those people. A good book to see the real Angelina is “Angelina Jolie: notes from my travels”. She really speaks from her heart. After reading this, I knew she was genuine. People take pot shots at the woman and make little comments, but they know she’s a good person. Even Jennifer A. knows it.

  43. T-Bone

    Ok, you’re all boring me now. Trying to talk sense to Brangeloonies is simply out of the question, as many have indicated. According to your writings and lack of rational thought, I’m guessing that you’re all about 15 to 18 years old. You don’t quite get your own hypocrisy and you take yourselves a tad too seriously. You like Angie, I like Jenn…blah blah blah…. everyone has an opinion. Now get back to your school work, before your mom comes in and finds you on her computer!

  44. Margaret

    my dearest sassyne: – have you seen pictures of Brad boy lately. Cloud Nine must be another name for land fill. The boy looks bad. As for Jen. If she wants to bang around with Vinney Vaughn, I say good for her. Probably beats the Hell out of yoga.Jen, you go girl!

  45. Margaret

    T-Bone, you cannot instill logic in Brangelunatics. There’s that one, what’s her name, over at Jared’s Punksville, who works in a public library (tax payer paid, huh?), who admittedly spends her work day there looking up, copying, typing in and transmitting paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of bloody garbage about Jennifer Aniston. When Pitt and Jolie do split and they will, I sincerely

  46. sassyne

    Margaret, you’re another one who talks nonsense. I again say Brad is happy with his new family. Yes, he does occasionally look tired, but I guess he gets a second wind from the feeling of doing something worthwhile in the world and expanding his family with the woman he loves. I say more power to them. I can see that they have very strong feelings for each other and causes that sre mportant to them. They, unlike others, are not sitting @ home on their a$$e$ with their money doing nothing about people less fortunate than themselves. It it all of our responsibilities as citizens of the most powerful country in the world to do what we can. They have the money and are doing their part.

  47. sassyne

    T-bone, you’re a hopeless case. I don’t need to say anything else.

  48. T-Bone

    Margaret — So true! I love the way the “brangeloonies” insinuate how awful everyone is for being out here and writing, yet they’re doing the same thing. Makes a lot of sense…. Smart crew!

    And you’re totally right on when you say that Brad looks like sh*t and that their relationship won’t make it. Jenn, however, looks great.

  49. Margaret

    To put this whole mess into perspective, you just need to pop over to Us Weekly Online, their second page of postings and pan through the 300 or so comments on the “Friends with Bennies” post since yesterday. Jen’s fans start out always with a go girl kind of post, and then these lunatics arrive and it becomes an endless tirade on Jen in defense of Angelina. It’s amazing to me why Angelina Jolie needs so much defense. Doesn’t that in itself say something?

  50. T-Bone

    Yes Margaret — I could have sworn I started out this post saying something nice about Jennifer Aniston not needing any vengeful tactics, because she’s better than that and lives a good life. And look at all the “loonies” coming out all jealous and hateful that Jenn is doing well. It’s hysterical. They’re so easy to bait! Go Jenn!

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