Jennifer Aniston Has No Problem Finding Love on the Big Screen

January 14th, 2008 // 12 Comments

If it weren’t for romantic comedies, Jennifer Aniston would be a woman with a lot of time on her hands. As it is, she’s working on yet another one, “Management,” that has her starring with Woody Harrelson. Aniston plays a traveling art dealer and considering that fact that she had a similar job in “The Break-Up” I’m thinking she feels about the hypothetical career the way that George Costanza did about being an architect. I have to say that I like her outfit (you can see a full-view in one of the thumbnails) but have rarely found fault with anything she’s wearing, since she plays it pretty safe. Steve Zahn will be playing the hotel manager who’s hoping to steal her heart after a one-night stand and follows her across the country. Yes, cause that sounds romantic and not utterly terrifying.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

More photos of Jennifer Aniston on the set of “Management” are after the jump.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Nanc'

    Well, I’m gonna get hate comments for this but I think Jen is the new Diane Keaton. They just “play” themselves in – every – role. Not that that’s a bad thing…necessarily.
    They make a lot more money than most of us do just “playing” ourselves.

  2. blady02

    You shouldn’t get any flack for your comment, she is a great person and a great actress and she has class, everyone likes to see that on the silver screen unlike seeing trash try to be something other than trash if you get my drift!

  3. These pics are actually from the drama Traveling with Aaron Eckhart; they’re shooting in Vancouver. She plays a florist, which would explain the flowers. Management wrapped in November; the pics that surfaced a couple of months ago of her with darker, shorter hair (a wig) were from Management.

  4. T-Bone

    Used to like Diane Keaton as an actress, but not so much anymore.

    Still like Jennifer Aniston though. Think she’s great. It would be nice to see her diversify her character-acting portfolio a bit more, but hey — she’s making millions and people love her. Can’t argue with success.

  5. Zekers

    Well I still like Diane Keaton simply because she does her own thing.

    Like T-Bone said, Jennifer is likable and I’m sure the roles she takes pay the bills nicely and let her do what she wants-what more could one ask for?
    I’d watch anything new she comes out with simply because I like her…

  6. spaz

    didn’t see either movie, but I don’t think she really played herself in either “The Good Girl” or “Derailed”. And she got good reviews for both.

  7. lollie

    The QUEEN of “playing” oneself is Gwyneth Paltrow!!!!! Good God it’s like she just keeps rehashing her 11th grade angst on the screen. She is so nauseatingly affected.

  8. Nanc'

    To each his own (opinion) but I did see “The Good Girl” and still thought it was just Jen…with an accent and btw, wasnt’ she supposed to have been an Oklahoma girl in that movie?
    Having been born and raised in Oklahoma I can vouch for her accent NOT being legit.

    I haven’t seen “Derailed”.
    Requesting it now. Maybe I’ll be swayed.

  9. Ugh

    She is so cute and classy. Love her.

  10. Ugh

    She is so cute and classy. Love her.

  11. patty

    Loved the full shot of Jennifer. As always, she’s classy, sexy as hell, and one interesting without being known for her bad acts celebrity. Keep on rocking Jennifer!

  12. Sam

    Looking hot as usual. Keep up the good work.
    I’ll be at all your movies.

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