Angry Punk Rock Guy Who Won Project Runway Is Broke And Designing Clothes For Bratz Movie

February 19th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Remember Jeffrey Sebelia? The really angry guy with the rat tail who won the last go-round on Project Runway? Yeah, he’s toe up broke and designing the costumes for the live-action Bratz movie which I hear Paula Abdul’s drunk ass is overseeing. Victory can be a dead-end.

“I’m totally broke,” he’s quoted as saying. But hasn’t the show helped him sell out, like, at all?

“I’m almost afraid to admit what I’m doing,” he says, “but it’s costumes for a movie. It’s a live-action movie for the Bratz.” Those slutty dolls? “Yeah, those slutty dolls.”

Egads. Actually, it would more sense if they got Michael, sorry, MYCHAEL Knight to do the costumes for Bratz. Remember his line of clothes for the final episode? The urban prostitute jungle safari deal? Remember how horrific those were? Isn’t that like tailor-made for hooker dolls? Anyway, pray for Jeffrey and his angry, now sad rat tail. That’s what you get though, when you degrade Angela’s Moms.

By J. Harvey

  1. Jane

    Umm, in like a hot second after the show was over he totally dumped his long time girlfriend, and baby mama, for his model from the show -Marilinda.

    So I for one have nooooo sympathy for him. Go cry to Marilinda about your problems a-hole.

  2. EraserFan

    Women get angry when people dump their current women for models. Not Tom Brady though! Him and that cute dimple and the three Super Bowl rings can dump his skinny pregnant actress girlfriend for a Supermodel.

    My point, as always: women are Clinically Insane.

    My other point: TOM BRADY RULES

  3. Charity

    Eh, I hated him anyway.

  4. I can’t wait to see the Bratz movie! Those birds are hot.

  5. Sluttie

    I work in the fashion industry and its cut throat and the survival of the fittest. Hes an innovator comapared to the other. Thats why he won. He might be a jerk but thats how it goes in this industry. He deserved to win and hopefully can gain some success later.

  6. silvarga

    It’s pretty easy to understand how he could have blown through that prize money, it would have been a pretty small amount after taxes. He may be talented but his ego probably cost him plenty of lucrative deals after the show ended…just as it cost him his family. Now he’s stuck with the Bratz movie to pay the bills.

    F*ckin dumbass.

    Just for that reason alone I wish Uli would’ve won.

  7. Tawny

    an innovator???


    you can find identical designs on any fat girl who shops at Hot Topic.

    he’s boring and crappy.

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