Angie Goes to the Movies at the U.N.

September 21st, 2007 // 7 Comments

Angie and Brad, ever the vigilant humanitarian celebrites, took in a special screening of the documentary, “Darfur Now,” at the United Nations building in New York. The screening took place at the beginning of a General Assembly and the film focuses on the stories of six people living in the Sudan, during this time of political turmoil. Starring Don Cheadle, “Darfur Now” is supposed to open in theaters nationwide on November 2nd.

I love imagining that these photos were either taken by a tiny paparazzo, or one that was about seven years old, based on the point of view from so near to the ground. And that’s my wacky observation for this post…

More photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. YoucancallmeAl

    Is 1994 back? Did she tie her shirt in a square knot? Is that back???

  2. devil

    What’s sad about Angelina is that she looks like she never bathes. What’s sadder is that Brad, who used to look clean and pretty, also appears to have stopped bathing.

    Maybe the photographer was ducking the smell?

  3. danger

    if you’re interested in darfur check out

  4. Ugh

    I agree with ya Devil. She looks dirty all the time, and he has started looking dirty too. She’s so fake with the fake smile and pretending to care about anyone other than herself. And it’s amazing how many phone calls they have their reps make in order to let the papz know where they’re at. Attention whores of the worst kind.

  5. kikichanelconspiracy

    Also check out ‘The Devil Came on Horseback’ if interested in Darfur.

    The only positive thing I can muster about Ms. Jolie is I like her pants. A lot. Meh on the rest.

  6. Patty

    Watz da matter witch you…Z took des pics

  7. blady02

    Back when Brad was with Gwenlth Paltrow, one of her major complaints was that he wouldn’t shower for weeks at a time and he never washed his hair. I hope they know how to treat lice for their kids. By the way why don’t they do something cute with Pax’s hair?

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