Angie Feeling Blue Over Less Than Mighty Box Office Returns

July 26th, 2007 // 69 Comments

Angelina Jolie is reportedly feeling “devastated” that her film, “A Mighty Heart” has earned a mere $9 million. She’s frustrated that there hasn’t been more interest in the movie, which tells the story of journalist Daniel Pear and the struggle made on the behalf of his pregnant wife, Marianne, to determine what exactly happened to her husband.

“She poured her heart into the story and can’t believe people don’t understand how important it is,” the insider tells Us Weekly in this week’s issue.

To take her mind off her woes, Angelina and her family are currently enjoying a holiday in France. The accommodations in Marthon include a swimming pool and private theater and are setting back the couple $13,818 per week. Man, if you’re going to get over a bad movie, then THAT certainly sounds like the way to do it. Actually, a vacation like that would probably help me to get over anything–say if I wanted to feel better after my feet inexplicably fell off. Who needs feet, when you’re watching movies and swimming all day?


More photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt leaving the Champniers Airport are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Loob

    Feet can make swimming easier, though. :)
    Just thinking in practicalities.

  2. Who cares! ! !

    No-talent whiney anno bitch!

  3. T-Bone

    Wait – so Angelina Jolie is assuming that because people didn’t see that movie that they don’t understand how important the issue itself is? WOW — she sure likes herself. Is it all possible for us “dumb folk” to understand an issue without seeing one of her movies?

  4. green cardigan

    $9 million in box office. That sounds piddling. What was Angie’s fee for starring in it? Brad P owns part on Plan B right?

    If they keep this up, there won’t be many more $13,818 a week holiday castles for the Jolie Pitts. It’ll be camper vans and trailer parks.

  5. Bingo T-Bone!

    The movie didn’t do well because Ange is only good at playing CRAZY. She should accept her limitations. 1) Can’t have stable relationships 2) Can’t act anything but NUTS.

  6. Your Mama

    I’m truly sorry for Marianne Pearl for the loss of her husband. Perhaps if we hadn’t had the making of this movie shoved down our throats in AJ interviews for months and months prior to the film release, someone might have given a shit. Personally, another actress wouldn’t have turned me off to the project so much.

    Also, some of us go to the movies for an escape, not to be reminded of the horrors we see on the news non-stop every day. There are lots of issues that are important to me but I’m not moping because AJ isn’t giving them the proper attention. What a whiny, arrogant bitch.

  7. jen

    Her arrogance knows no boudaries – but how could it when she lives her life only for herself.

    She’s got another freaking movie coming out which means days and days of her crap all over the place again. *shudder What more can she “reveal” about herself this time round.

  8. Angelina needs to wake up and realize she’s box office poison now. When she was just selling sexy, she was fun. Then she got a god complex.

    Can’t stand her now and would never bother to see anything she is in. It’s a horrible thing that happened to Marianne but they should have gotten someone credible to tell the story… Not the Tomb Raider.

  9. Persistent Cat

    I don’t want to get into a love her/hate her argument because I don’t care but like someone said above, I don’t want to see it because it’s depressing. And there are way worse movies that I just can’t see, like Hotel Rwanda or Schindler’s List. Movies are escape, the other stuff is for the newspapers. As well, those movies also tend to take some dramatic licence, just to make them more interesting. Again, I’d rather read about it in the newspaper.

  10. Margaret

    Well Angelina, my dear (and I do use that term very loosely), I think you grossly over estimated your fan base and how much of your lip flapping the rest of us could take at one time. The nail in the AMH coffin for me was when Marianne Pearl blatantly lied about the circumstances of her meeting Brad Pitt and negotiating this deal which was widely published by reputable sources at the time and then again lying about the timing of her friendship with Jolie. Since the movie was not about Danny Pearl and did not espouse my philosophy on terrorism, I decided not to donate a dime to Angelina’s oscar fund.

  11. nastybugger

    Persistent Cat said:

    Movies are escape, the other stuff is for the newspapers. As well, those movies also tend to take some dramatic licence, just to make them more interesting. Again, I’d rather read about it in the newspaper.

    EXACTLY. we didn’t need a “movie version” of this event because anyone who reads the papers or watches the news knows the story already.

    she needs to stop with the “poignant, meaningful” roles and get back to things that people will watch her in, like the “Tomb Raider” movies.

    Regardless of what her fans think, it seems that most of the viewing public still sees her as a home-wrecking psycho. Although, I think that even with someone else in this role the movie still would have tanked.

  12. patty

    KARMA; what goes around, comes around. I’m so sick of Angelina/Brad/Jennifer B.S. I’ve noticed that one of the three doesn’t keep fanning the phoenix flames for publicity, while the other two won’t let it go. I also think that the worst career move Angelina made was to hook up with Brad Pitt. He has no real personality, just morphs into which ever female he’s with. I much prefer the REAL Angie, the bad-ass, knife tossin wild cat over this Saint Angie phony image

  13. Mike

    FIX the man’s name…..Daniel Pearl..(not PEAR)……………there are so many references to mis-spellers on this website…………and it has happened HERE………………fix it……….Mike

  14. Oy!

    Anal retentive, table for one. Enjoy your meal Mike.

  15. little geezer

    I think AJ’s last hit movie was Mr and Mrs Smith and that was probably helped along by the ‘are they or aren’t they’ dimension. Also it was good old fashioned entertainment.

    AJ needs to remind herself that the primary role of a Hollywood actor is to entertain. I certainly don’t need her to educate me. I’ll go elsewhere for that, a more genuine source.

    I think because she has read a few books, been to the UN and visited 3rd World countries that she sees herself on a higher intellectual plane, and she is above entertaining.

  16. LeslieD

    Nepotism may have gotten AJ the role but you can’t make me go see it. I have long sympathized with Daniel Pearl’s family but I can’t believe she wanted angelina to play the rols.

    Anyway, most of my friends were offended by AJ’s “mother of the year” award and wouldn’t go see her in anything much less a serious film.

    AJ–stick to the pyscho bitch films and you might make your money back–and be able to support the designer orphans that you collects like handbags. How about building some schools or businesses instead of uprooting kids for publicity.

  17. T-Bone

    Sing it with me,

    Angie baby
    You’re a special lady
    Living in a world of make believe…

  18. LoRider

    I could stick up for Young Annie (Anorexia) but I’m just not gonna do it. I agree with everyone here that she just needs to get back to movies where she nearly shows her tits, like TR and Mr & Mrs Smith. I don’t need anymore HS dropouts telling me what’s important. Ride Lo

  19. Angietothemax

    I think they knew the movie wasn’t going to do great. Especially when it was released in the summer in limited release. It hasn’t even been release world wide yet. I’m sure they were hoping to at least get their money back. But these kind of movies don’t do well anyway like Flight 93, Hotel Rwanda, and the like.

  20. skinny fat

    i hate this bitch.

  21. green cardigan

    Angietothemax – Not going on the attack, but why is AJ devastated then, if she knew it wasn’t going to do well. She shoulbe be nodding knowlingly saying ‘knew it!’

  22. Angietothemax

    Well from what Angie SAID she’s not worried about the numbers but the fact that they completed a good project and as long as Mariane was satisfied with it then she was happy. Now she can’t speak for Brad who is the producer and I’m sure was disappointed in the numbers. Look who she got beat by Evan Almighty? It probably would’ve done better in the fall/winter time.

  23. NJ


    She’s devastated that people aren’t taking the issue seriously?? Please. No one could possibly be as aware as St. Angie… *eyeroll*

    No matter how hard the media sells her as a great and award-winning actress, the ticket sales tell the truth.

    She’s the worst.

    Take a look at her portfolio… it is chock-full of the worst movies ever. Even the one’s that were supposed to be good, aren’t. The Good Shepherd comes to mind. Horrid film. And she was horrid in it.

    She fell ass-backward into an acting career because of her father whom she hates. And she couldn’t be more overrated. She’s loved because she’s beautiful, end of story.

    At least when she acted like the crazy that she is, instead of trying to be some version of someone who is at peace with themselves and their life, you could respect her a little.

  24. T-Bone

    I thought Hotel Rwanda did well, Angietothe…??? That was a great movie with a great cast.

    Hoping for Angelina to carry an entire movie while public opinion of her waxes and wanes was a bit….well…..presumptuous on Brad’s part. I’m sure it will pull in more money via DVD and abroad.

  25. Angietothemax

    Angie herself says she doesn’t like to be the lead star in the movie she prefers to be in the supporting cast. Hotel Rwanda did better when it came on DVD. It too was in limited release and I couldn’t find it in my local movie theatre. The same thing with Dreamgirls it was in limited release and it was only available in 2 theatres here in San Antonio.

  26. green cardigan

    It’s out Sept / Oct around Europe. It’ll probably do better there. It’s true, releasing a movie like that during the summer along with Pirates, Spiderman and the rest of them was a bad move. Too heavy.

    Who was the brains behind that? Brad?

  27. Yo

    I couldn’t agree with most everything I read here more if I tried. I’ve thought for so long that the only roles I believe AJ in are the one where she’s displaying the inner-crazy we all know is there. It’s great that she’s involved with charities and wants to save the world, but it’s become so obvious that much of what she does is simply to change her image. She believes her own hype. Come on, modeling for St. John’s? I can’t think of someone less appropriate for that clothing line.

  28. Angietothemax

    Yeah I didn’t understand the logic behind the release date. Maybe because they wanted to release in time for Cannes? Her new movie Beowulf is coming out in November where she plays Grendel’s mother half naked, evil, and crazy. So this movie should do very well since that’s all she can play.

  29. Angietothemax

    Angie owns a portion of St. John’s and they agree to contribute to her foundation to help Cambodia.

  30. dinigi

    It was a heart rending tale and would have been a HIT with anyone else in that role no matter when it was released. Plan B better move on to Plan C or invest in a leading lady. Although if the funds get low they could always adopt again and sell the pictures.

  31. T-Bone

    Dreamgirls was a terrible movie, but I digress…

    I haven’t seen A Mighty Heart and I don’t think I will. I don’t think ANGE and I share the same ideology.

  32. Yo

    Thanks – that would explain it. I can’t think of any other reason they’d be involved with one another.

  33. Yo

    Thanks – that would explain it. I can’t think of any other reason they’d be involved with one another.

  34. Angietothemax

    What is your ideology T Bone?

  35. devil

    I also cannot abide Angelina Jolie in any way, shape or form. But there’s another reason why I passed on Pearl…

    It costs more money for two adults to go see a movie in the theater these days than to wait three months for the DVD release and watch it at home. No screaming kids, ringing cell phones, stinky popcorn, and I can pop in the disc at my convenience. And serious dramas don’t need to be viewed on the big screen (at the movies). They look and sound just fine on a decent home system.

    You want people to pay theater prices to see a movie? Make it worth our while.

  36. T-Bone

    Oh angietothemax – -that is a heavy question ;) I think Angie and I share the same desire to make the world a better place (especially for those who have trouble speaking for themselves), but something tells me that I might have a more conservative slant than she does. I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to preach morality and “what’s right” to the world, you ought to be watching what you do in your personal life and be careful that what you’re doing isn’t all for your own gratification. And you have to acknowledge and work on your own demons before blaming everyone else for what’s wrong in the world.

  37. BeautifullyJ

    ITA with T-Bone, both about Jolie and Hotel Rwanda.

    I think AJ is more than a little creepy, and that fact alone would be enough to distract me from the storyline, so I don’t intend on seeing this one. Plus, I was soooooooo disappointed by “Gia.” Everyone talked about how great AJ was in that cable movie, but when I finally saw it, I just didn’t get it. She could give Jim Carrey lessons in overacting. JMHO.

  38. jannre

    I predict that the next couple movies she makes will also bomb, maybe Brads will too….Jesse James is coming out soon, but its not an action packed western, I read that it was more like a i quess well wait and see, I won’t see any movies from either one of them.

  39. I wish they would stop using self-aggrandizing celebrities for ‘historic’ roles – Tom Cruise as someone attempting to assassinate Hitler?! Come on! Stop paying these celebutards millions and let’s find some up and comers who actually can act!

  40. Jeanie

    We all remember when Daniel Pearl was murdered, Angie. It was terrible and senseless. Why would I want to sit in a theater for two hours and pay $10 to relive it?? Why don’t I just spend the evening watching footage of the twin towers being blown up while I’m at it?? I also don’t understand why they made a movie about Flight 93 and the one about 9/11 in New York. If I could erase those images and those memories, I would. I see no entertainment value in those events.

  41. Michael

    MATH CLASS: today’s topic – how many flops before you go away, AJ?

    a MightyHeart gross8 budget 16
    The Good Shepherd (or was it The good german???) gross 59mil; budget 85mil
    Mr/Mrs Smith gross186 budget 110
    Alexander gross34 budget 155
    Sky Captain gross37 budget 40
    Taking Lives gross32 budget ?
    Beyond Borders gross4 budget 35
    LaraCroft2 gross65 budget 90
    Life or Something gross14 budget ?
    Original Sin gross16 budget 26
    Lara Croft1 gross131 budget 80
    Gone In 60 Sec gross100 budget 90
    Girl, Interrupted gross28 budget 24
    Bone Collector gross66 budget 48
    Pushing Tin gross8 budget 33
    Playing By Heart gross4 budget 14

    4 of 16 made money
    mr smith, lara1, 60sec, bone collector,
    and i think everyone agrees those 4 are heinous

  42. jbonz

    As for the photo…

    That look on her face – so noble, so heroic, so courageous, so…im-PORTANT.

    Is the Sainted One doing a little promo work for her upcoming title role in “’53 Mercury Hood Ornament” or what…?

    What a deluded heifer!

  43. Teresa

    I take the issue seriously…I just don’t take her dumbass seriously. SHe used to wear a vile of Billy Bob Thortons blood around her neck and brag about how they fucked in the car on the way to an awards show. I have never wanted to hear a thing she said after that. In the grand scheme of my life, Angelina and her opinion on “important issues” is like…last or close to last. BLAAAHHH! Shut the F up.

  44. Dr.Jerkenstein

    Americans don’t want to see a boring docudrama. Action MFs !!!!

  45. Dr.Jerkenstein

    Americans don’t want to see a boring docudrama. Action, MFs !!!!

  46. Sarah

    Czarina & Jeanie -You took the words right outta my mouth!

    The worst part about A Mighty Heart were the commercials for it….”starring AJ, one of the greatest actress’ of our generation” said the voiceover. ….. that alone made me not want to see it & it made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  47. Gloria Goodman

    I saw this movie and it was terrific with Angelina Jolie being fabulous. You realize what a wonderful actress she really is & very beautiful. It was critically acclaimed as well. It isn’t though a movie that will appeal to the masses, most of whom don’t know a good movie if it jumped up and bit them?

    Go see it. It’s very moving.

  48. ljj

    You people are morons. you’re taking a piece of gossip with no named source from backwater website as gospel truth; “Angie must be a vain bitch because it says so right there”.

    Maybe Angie just likes France…i know i do. The only thing better than France would be France with Brad. Seems pretty sensible.

  49. Logan

    Hey, Angie – I know you are pissed at me because I did not pay to see your movie. I’m sorry, but I followed the Daniel Pearl tragedy, day by day, via TV, internet and newspapers, as the tragedy was unfolding. Sorry I spent my money on my electric bill for my TV, internet access and newspapers. You are right, Angie, I should have spent all the money on you and your movie. Deepest Apologies, Logan.

  50. Spencer

    “ljj said: You people are morons. you’re taking a piece of gossip with no named source from backwater website as gospel truth; ‘Angie must be a vain bitch because it says so right there’.”

    If I had any idea what this meant I’m pretty sure I would disagree.

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