Angie Feeling Blue Over Less Than Mighty Box Office Returns

Angelina Jolie is reportedly feeling “devastated” that her film, “A Mighty Heart” has earned a mere $9 million. She’s frustrated that there hasn’t been more interest in the movie, which tells the story of journalist Daniel Pear and the struggle made on the behalf of his pregnant wife, Marianne, to determine what exactly happened to her husband.

“She poured her heart into the story and can’t believe people don’t understand how important it is,” the insider tells Us Weekly in this week’s issue.

To take her mind off her woes, Angelina and her family are currently enjoying a holiday in France. The accommodations in Marthon include a swimming pool and private theater and are setting back the couple $13,818 per week. Man, if you’re going to get over a bad movie, then THAT certainly sounds like the way to do it. Actually, a vacation like that would probably help me to get over anything–say if I wanted to feel better after my feet inexplicably fell off. Who needs feet, when you’re watching movies and swimming all day?


More photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt leaving the Champniers Airport are after the jump.