Angeline Jolie, Ellen Degeneres And Sophia Bush, 10 Celebrities Who Should Run For President [PHOTOS]

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In a perfect world, people like Rebel Wilson and Ellen Degeneres would be President. All we would do is laugh all day. Too bad it’s not a perfect world.

Anyway, in SOCIALITE’s perfect world, celebrities of every kind would be running for President. Justin Timberlake for President! Wouldn’t that be something? (Maybe just for any Nsync lovers out there). I guess it’s probably the best that we don’t have comedians or recording artists running the U.S. (No offense).

With the recent big day that was just upon us that only comes around every four years, it’s an opportune time to celebrate 10 celebrities who would make great (ok, not great, but “cool”) candidates for a presidential election in a “perfect world.” So, launch the gallery to see who we think should run for President! Which celebrities are on your list?